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Kay Cochran

Freelance Sculptor & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Eagle, Colorado, United States
Phone: 970-250-9559
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Recent stuff

ART CONNECTS 09/2012 to Present
A series of arts and crafts classes, actual art classes, workshops and activities created by me and used in various venues

LEARNING CAMP 05/2003 to 08/2012
Art Program Director: I created arts and crafts projects which were tailored to the needs and interests of the kids. They were designed for a wide range of ages and ability levels and often had cultural or scientific aspects and could be integrated with the academics.

L.A. DEPT. OF RECREATION & PARKS 10/2001 to 12/2006
Course Teacher at various recreation centers.

YMCA 2001 & 2002
Job Title: Crafts Coordinator/ Camp Vendor: I created arts and crafts projects for day camp and the next year for a specialty Hollywood Arts camp.

HOLLYWOOD SCULPTING AND F/X WORK (The short form) covering 1993 - 2001.
Area of specialization: Sculpting
Other duties include: Fabrication (armatures, cores, jigs, etc.), Mold Making, Painting, Figure Finishing and Makeup (F/X &Character).)

GENTLE GIANT Dec.- April 01
Toys: props & characters including Henry Potter & Lord of the Rings

WALT DISNEY March-Oct.99
Ride props for Disneyland and Disneyland's Tokyo Sea

SHOW TECHNOLOGIES July. 98 - Feb. 99
Ride characters for Universal Florida Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood
Lead sculptor, fabricator

Sculpting: Characters & props for many clients including Disneyland & Universal
Make-up (Prosthetic & Character) Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights
Sculptor( lead and general), painter, make-up artist, figure finishing, mold making, fabrication.

M.E.L. Feb/March 96
Movie prop, Borg dummy for Star Trek-First Contact
Lead Sculptor

BANNED IN BARCELONA July -Nov. 94 & 95
Haunted House Lovecraft’s Labyrinth
Concept artist, room designer, sculptor, fabricator, props and puppets

LITTLE SPIDER April 93 - Nov. 95
Retail Halloween props and masks
Concept artist, sculptor, mold maker

*Experienced in working with a wide variety of mediums including oil and water based clays, wax and foam.
*Experienced in a wide range of sizes, from jewelry to large installation pieces.
*Able to work from maquettes, concept art, show set drawings etc., as well as the ability to develop a piece based only on an idea or description.
*Familiar with shop tools and procedures.
*Very good at bringing out the personality of a piece, character or otherwise.

AA in Childhood Development: special needs
AA in Art: three-dimensional design. Summa *** Laude for both degrees

My work:
As my resume indicates, my work flourishes at a junction where kids and art meet. I have spent several years now creating arts and crafts activates for children of many ages, backgrounds and learning styles. Before that, I worked in Hollywood as freelance sculptor for the special effects and theme parks industry. My work can enhance many projects from coloring books to themed events.

I work in many mediums, my favorites are water based clay and watercolor panints. I also sculpt in polymer clay, oil clay and acrylic resin. I work in acrylic paints, pen and ink, graphite, colored pencils, and occasionally markers. I am reasonable proficient in Photoshop and several other Adobe programs and can render any of my artwork into digital media for print or electronic use and line work to vector as needed. I have done posters and logos. I also make my own molds as needed, usually silicon. I can sculpt in foam for larger pieces if provided with an appropriate location. I do theatrical and f/x makeup and face painting.

My style:
I do wander about some but there are consistent traits to my work.
I tend towards art that tells a story.
The personality of the subject (friendly, aggressive or curious etc.) is paramount.
While I excel at simplifying complex forms so they are accessible to children or applicable to crafts, I am not a cartoonist by nature.

I can’t think of any uninteresting subjects but I’m keep coming back to bugs and bones. The bugs and other small creatures are actually rather charming nature pictures. The bones are skeletal folk engaged in different activities similar to traditional Day of the Dead pictures or start as images taken from archeology or anthropology sources: bones have always fascinated me.

My rates do vary some according to how much experience I have in the medium, the rate below is something of an average. Full resume, references, shows lists, client lists, testimonials etc. available on request.