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Eileen Cotter

Freelance SEO Freelancer & Travel Writer

Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Phone: 6179225522
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You needn't look any further for a seasoned, educated and excited freelancer to take care of all your creative, editing and copywriting requests. I've been a professional in the industry for 5 years and have a formal degree in journalism. I would be thrilled to work with you on your project!

Highlights of my expertise include:

- Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
- Knowledge of various operating systems relating to media and social media
- Consistent and strong attention to detail
- Efficient; ability to prioritize tasks for successful project completion
- Native English speaker, experience in UK & US spelling, conversational in Spanish, global perspective

I want to make sure you have a positive and close to perfect experience while I work to complete your freelance project. My most recent position was writing for a number of high-profile clients, including travel booking websites, villa rental companies, financial institutions and lifestyle magazines. I was completing upwards of 20 articles a day with ease, but wished to pursue a freelance career instead to focus more on my quality and perfecting my skills.

This will be the only full-time commitment I have, so no school or other job will get in the way of taking on your freelance project.

If you'd like to check out some of my online content work, the following are a few examples of my published pieces used by a variety of clients:\

Written projects I have collaborated on:

* Produced more than 5,000 original 200-800 word articles on subjects such as advice columns, travel, health tips, relationships, finance, technology, how-to's and current events/news
* Freelanced for travel magazines and websites
* Completed college term papers and assignments, received top grades
* Worked on stories for UK, US and international clients

Proofreading tasks:

* Professionally contracted to proofread children's books, college papers, a doctoral thesis, and novels
* Copyeditor for campus newspaper (4 years)
* Opinions Editor for campus news paper (4 years)
* Peer-edited content for professional company, averaging 1,000 words a day (1 and a 1/2 years)
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Travel Writing