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N.R. Bharathae

Freelance Comic Artist, Illustrator, & More

Location:Lewisburg, West Virginia, United States
Website: http://n/a
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I provide professional illustrations for print and web graphics, plus game development services. My skills range from traditional media and comic art to 3d modeling and game-related content creation.

OCCUPATION: Freelance Illustrator/Comic Artist and Game Artist/Developer.

• Thirty years experience as a freelance illustrator.
• Career focus on game design and implementation.
• Proficient with 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Torque Technology (2d/3d) and Unity 3D.

Games released to date;
• ******* of 2073 (2d)
• Labyrinth: Caverns of 2073 (2d)
• Pair Soup (2d)
• Fas' Jack (2d)
• Hearts Bloody Hearts (2d)
• Got It! (2d)
• The Battle Home (2d)
• mtHansa Teutonica (2d multitouch)
• Climax for Her (2d)
• Thunder Island prototype (3d)

Unreleased game projects;
• Vespers 3D (3d)
• WittWorld (3d)

Print art released to date;
• Electromagnate: Book of Rebel Nations graphic novel
• Dark Opus Press graphic novel
• Seviien/A-Town Mob (album cover)

Written works released to date;
• Spirits in the Clay (short-story)
• White Membrane (short-story)
• Inside the Dweller's Sanctum (short-story)
• Universe of 2073 A.D. (online wiki-articles)
• User's Guide-******* of 2073 (pdf)
• Vespers 3D Game Tester's manual (pdf)

2D/3D Game Art, 2001-2013
Began working with the Torque Game Engine in 2001 learning 3D modeling and basic animation techniques along the way. Also developed an understanding of Torque's convoluted export process and other difficulties. During this time I was involved with several indie projects where I learned the following;

• 3D modeling for characters, vehicles and equipment- Clinton, NC 2001.
• Texture Development- Clinton, NC 2002.
• GUI/HUD graphics- Clinton, NC 2003.

Graphic Design, 1984-2000
Before stepping into the 3D market I worked as a freelance graphic designer mainly providing story illustrations, magazine cover art and t-shirt and logo designs. During this time educational studies include;

• Figure Drawing and Landscapes- Dallas,TX 1979.
• Western Architecture and Linear Design- Salisbury, NC 1985.
• Self-Disciplinary Studies: Anatomy, Style, Composition and Detail 1990-2000.

Electromagnate playing card deck/Novermber 2015 to June 2016
John Rapacciuolo/Editor
• Developed line art and color for 54 cards based on Electromagnate characters.

Electromagnate: Rebel Nations graphic novel/March 2014 to September 2015
John Rapacciuolo/Editor
• Developed line art for 33 pages.

Dark Opus Press graphic novel/March 2013 to October 2013
Jennifer Gifford/Editor
• Developed cover art.
• Developed interior comic pages for six stories.
• Developed typeset and page layout for text.

Machine Code Games/Co-founded December 2008 to current
William Lee Sims/Programming Lead- N.R. Bharathae/Art Lead
• Most recently developed a multi-touch conversion of the board game Hansa Teutonica to play on TUIO compatible platforms.
• Developed wiki-articles for Universe of 2073 A.D.
• Developed a ten-page comic illustration for Labyrinth: Caverns of 2073.
• Developed and released the 2d PC game Labyrinth: Caverns of 2073.
• Developed and released the 2d PC game ******* of 2073.

Vespers 3D/Contract Art, Feb 2006 to current
Michael Rubin/Orange River Studio Project Lead
• Developed DTS animations for scene-based dialog.
• Developed DTS geometry and textures for cast of characters.
• Developed DIF geometry for monastery and other terrain structures.
• Developed game logo and GUI elements.

Thunder Island prototype/Contract Art, Nov 2005 to Feb 2007
Mark Barry/InMotion Simulation Project Lead
• Developed protype DTS geometry and textures for combat vehicles and track system.
• Developed prototype DIF geometry for stadium and other racing terrain structures.
• Developed prototype console HUD elements.

Ninjas vs. Pirates/Contract Art, July 2004 to Dec 2006
Jon Jorjuria Project Lead
• Developed DTS geometry and textures for player models and weapons.
• Developed GUI and HUD elements.

Freelance Graphic Artist/January 2001 to July 2004
Contracts through Torque Game Engine projects
• Operated under the banner of Exile Graphics.
• Developed concept art initially but later took on model design and creation plus texture-work for succeeding projects.

• Creative writing used to add flavor to product descriptions and/or histories.
• 2D illustration techniques common to conceptual design, comic and print illustration.
• 3D modeling/texturing/animation-3D Studio Max and Maya.