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Polly Rabbits

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator, Animal Illustrator, & More

Location:Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand
Phone: 03 545 6473
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My name is Polly Rabbits and I am a graphic designer and illustrator, living in the beautiful, South Island city, Nelson, New Zealand.

For the last few years I have been a freelance designer and illustrator, working from home. I have over 25 years experience and have over 30 books published. I have clients in Australia, America and UK, so please dont let where I live have a bearing on whether you decide to use my illustrations. I communicate via email, phone or Skype and neither I or my clients have had any problem.

I am an accomplished illustrator with a variety of different styles and methods in my repertoire, including medical and industrial illustrations and am published in many childrens books, as well as other publications. I am a traditional artist as well as digital. I use colour pencil, pen and ink, gouache and markers in my application.

I have also worked in all aspects of the graphic design field. Brochures, Catalogues, Business cards, Logos and Packaging. I have also done a variety adverts for various magazines.
I designed and produced NZ Kayak Magazine, New Zealand Fitness and Travel Digest.

I have a portfolio of samples of both my design and illustration work other than what you see on here and will be very happy to send it to you should you want to see more of what I do.