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Freelance Singer & Song Writer

Location:Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
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I am a very capable singer and lyricist. My voice has been likened to a cross between,Norah Jones, Tracey Chapman, Alanah Miles and Billie Holiday.

I photograph nature, my favourite subject being trees, and then I create something beautiful with the help of organic materials and other items to make it unique.

I design brochures and posters on the occasion. Professional / Personal / Fundraisers etc...

I speak clearly and concisely and am available for a wide range of professional VoiceOver work. I also have a great sense of humour, so, can do kids shows, puppetry and animated character voices. "Let me at em!!"

I can make up great songs, jingles on the spot. I am currently writing a Self-Help Blog, Children's Theatre Play, Stranger-Danger Children's Book Series and Fiction Novel.

I like a challenge. I see life outside the square. I have a long history of life-experience and therefore write, sing, speak and act with great empathy and understanding of all walks of life.
I am not judgemental, nor do I have such an ego that would get in the way of being professional.

Cheers ;-)
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Song Writing