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Samuel Morrison

Freelance Screenwriter & Script Writer

Location:Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
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If there’s such a thing as a traditional road for a screenwriter to follow, the nonconforming Samuel Calvin Morrison, Jr. didn’t like the scenery and decided to embark on a journey that was more suitable to his liking. As trivial as it may seem, the simple notion of only being labeled as a screenwriter irritates him from time to time, in fact, no matter how flattering an adjective might be in regards to describing him, recognition for a solitary accomplishment limits what he has done as well as what he is about to do. Born in Monrovia, Liberia in what was a very volatile nation at the time, Sam was relocated to New Jersey when he was three years old.

With religious parents as a foundation, he flourished in his academic studies and didn’t disappoint, becoming the first member in his family to go to college and earning a partial scholarship to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. But his attempt for higher education would be derailed when his mother passed and it was evident that the financial and emotional burden was just to great to bear for his father, who also had to care for Sam’s two younger brothers. Dropping out after one and a half years of college, Sam split his time working a monotonous 9 to 5 desk job and interning in Def Jam Records’ promotional department that quickly led to a position with TVT Records. Although he showed great promise within the music industry, he wasn’t quite fulfilled and a future in it seemed dim; Sam wanted to grow and was looking to be challenged creatively. And even though he was always praised for his writings and story-telling throughout all his years of education, it wasn’t until 2009 that Sam decided to pursue a career as a writer. In addition to a freelance marketing gig, he truly began his writing career as an associate editor for an upstart lifestyle magazine as well as writing for The Source Magazine. Sam finally found the challenge he was seeking at The Source and it was there he established himself as a talented writer with a versatile and exceptional voice. Not only did he get the opportunity to display his abilities, he also created a great rapport with the celebrities he interviewed.

And while things at The Source couldn’t be better, although hesitant, Sam knew it was the right time to make the transition to film and TV, and that was evident when he got the opportunity and was hired to ghost write a couple screenplays. Realizing he had not only the writing talent but also the capability to create efficient marketing and promotional campaigns, Sam formed Deck of Cards Entertainment Media Group. With a newly formed company under his leadership, Sam wrote a treatment for Fresh Education, a music-based comedy/drama and began shopping it. Fresh Education was well received but in the end, Sam decided against signing a contract that would bring his television show to an established network, saying “It can’t just be about the money, if it’s something that I write and my name is on it, I need to make sure that every aspect of it is as close to perfection as possible.” It may seem like declining such a deal would be a setback to Sam and his company, but to the contrary, he returned to ghost writing opportunities, was featured on a panel to discuss minorities in Hollywood on a popular radio station in New York City and has a couple of projects in development that are scheduled to be completed before 2013.
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