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Robyn Jefferson

Freelance Paralegal & Researcher

Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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Robyn Trent Jefferson
5 Cleveland Terrace
East Orange, New Jersey 07017-2101
1.973.860.1179 (e-fax)
973.444.5871 (mobile)

I am a career litigation paralegal with 34 years of solid, varied work experience (mostly large firm), with emphasis on the discovery process, investigation and trial preparation.

Freelance Litigation Paralegal and Consultant - August 2005 to Jan. 2008;
Owner/Principal of Lighthouse Paralegal Services, LLC, January 23, 2008 through present
Providing paralegal support, general consulting and office support services to attorneys and firms on an “as-needed” basis, mostly in the area of litigation. A significant portion of our contracted work has been supporting attorneys in the area of foreclosure defense and affirmative cases for homeowners seeking loan modification and/or pursuing claims against lenders relating to the loan origination and servicing processes. I have also supported attorneys in residential real estate closings, employment, Workers’ Compensation, personal injury, simple estate and criminal defense matters.

Seeger Weiss LLP – Newark, NJ Sept. 29, 2003 to Aug. 12, 2005
Paralegal – Pharmaceutical Litigation (Plaintiff) – Mass Tort (PPA, Ephedra and HRT)
Initial interview of potential clients, responding to discovery requests, preparation of Plaintiff’s Fact Sheet, review and analysis of medical records and related documentation, coordination of key documentation and other duties relating to prosecution of plaintiff’s claims, including witness and expert interview.

McCarter & English LLP, Newark, NJ Feb. 2000 to Apr. 2002
Paralegal - Product Liability Defense Litigation, Insurance Defense, Personal Injury Defense, Commercial Litigation and Patent Litigation (prosecution)
Management of cases involving various classes of products (including, but not limited to machinery and textiles), preparation of discovery requests/responses, drafting of motions, case chronologies, factual and legal research/investigation, analysis of documents and medical records, case strategy and trial preparation. Also performed deposition and document analysis for the insurance subrogation department.

Connell, Foley & Geiser, Roseland, NJ Sept. 1996 to June 1999
Paralegal – Construction Litigation and Corporate State Government file management and assistance
Management of large, complex construction matters. Assisted in trial preparation, performed research, participated in case strategy, prepared discovery requests/responses and case chronologies and performed factual and legal research.

Managed project files and cases for a redevelopment agency within our State Government. These duties included contract review, revision and compliance and management of construction documents, as well as performance of certain duties in litigated cases.

Robinson, St. John & Wayne, Newark, NJ (now LeClair Ryan) Jan. 1988 to Jan. 1993; (formerly St. John, Oberdorf, Williams, Edington & Curtin)
Paralegal – Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation (New York and New Jersey), Foreclosure, and Insurance Defense
Preparation of pleadings, legal and factual research, discovery requests (and responses thereto, including document productions); summary of deposition testimony, motion preparation (including drafting of briefs, certifications and affidavits), off-site factual investigation and research, contract analysis (compliance issues) and revision and trial preparation.

Shanley & Fisher, P.C., Morristown, NJ Dec. 1983 to Jan. 1988
Paralegal – Products Liability and Asbestos Litigation/Toxic Tort/Insurance Defense
Involved in all phases of the litigation process, including, but not limited to, preparation of pleadings, evaluation of tangible evidence and other off-site investigation and research, discovery requests/responses and trial preparation.

Other Experience – Contract Projects:
Since 1994, I have performed services for a number of firms on a contract basis. The work performed for these firms were in various areas of litigation: environmental, complex commercial, employment/labor, landlord tenant, personal injury, insurance defense, foreclosure, mortgage mediation, professional liability and real estate.

Montclair State College (now, Montclair State University), Upper Montclair, New Jersey:
• Bachelor of Arts/Spanish – Graduate 1984
• Paralegal Certificate – 1982 (ABA approved program in Paralegal Studies)

References and writing samples available upon request.
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