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Location:Edison, New Jersey, United States
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Sheeja Sarojini
Experienced Testing Professional | Software Testing
Cell: 732-306-5351

Progressively develop a career in QA field and implement testing process & quality standards for manual and automation testing.

Professional Summary
? Over Seven years and Six Months of professional experience of which Six years and Six months of IT industry experience and One year of diversified off professional experience in Software Quality Assurance and Testing on Client/Server, Windows based and Web based applications.
? Strong knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as well as Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and the Role of QA.
? Trained in Complex, Agile, and Dynamic project environments.
? Experience in analyzing business requirements and specifications, development of Test Cases.
? Expertise in Manual testing & Tracking defects using Quality Center.
? Hands-on experience to develop VB scripts for automated testing using Quick Test Pro and developing function libraries in VB script for QTP.
? Strong knowledge in Problem solving and Bug Tracking Reports using Bug tracking Tools.
? Involved in Writing, Updating and maintaining the Test documents for various stages of Testing for reference and auditing purpose.
? Proficiency in Structured Query Language (SQL), Joins, PL/SQL stored procedures & Triggers.
? Proven success in meeting or exceeding customer needs as an individual contributor and as team member.
? Worked with Korean customers for more than 3 years.
? Conducted Knowledge Transfer sessions on project whenever required new resources.
? Having Experience in analyzing, implementing, validating and developing applications and drivers in Linux and Windows XP environment
? Having experience in generating manual Test Cases for the USB IP’s and executed these test cases and generated the Test Report accordingly.
? Participated in requirement review meetings, analyzing requirements, developing test plan and test cases, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Defect management, Reporting and tracking.
? Shown flexibility, quick learner, proactive attitude and an amazing team player.

Technical Skills
Testing Tools Quality Center, Load Runner, Quick Test Pro, Toad
Microsoft Tools MS office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint),
Operating System Windows XP/7, UNIX, Linux, Windows CE
Languages HTML, SQL, C, VB Script
Database SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle
Browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox.
Protocols USB2.0, USB OTG
IDE Visual Studio,
Debuggers Windbg
Tools CATC USB Analyzer, CRO
Software Tools USB Sniffer, USB Compliance tool, USBIO Tool

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Diploma in Electronics and Communication

Papers Submitted:
Submitted a paper in IP-Embedded System Conference, Grenoble, France – Dec, 1-3, 2009
The paper can be accessed from the following link

Travelled to South Korea for Samsung HS OTG IP Compliance, which was under high priority and high pressure situation. I handled the situation efficiently along with the team members in South Korea. The HS OTG IP Compliance passed successfully and I received appreciation from manager, Division Head and Team members.

Off Professional Experience (Jul 2011 – Jun 2012)
Project 1: Manual Testing using Quality Center
Application 1 -
Module: Online Bill Pay
Application 2 -
Module: Auto Insurance Demo Quote
Analyze the Requirement document
Develop the Test case document
Design and Build
? Analyzed business requirements and specifications.
? Developed the Test Cases, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Defect management, Reporting and tracking.
? Executed the test case and updated the results in the quality center and also excel sheet.
? Expertise in Manual testing & Tracking defects using Quality Center.
? The application manually tested before going for the automated testing.
? Performed the positive and negative testing, user interface testing on the application.
? Run regression test to ensure that introduction of new component into application does not affect the existing functionality
? Kept track of the bugs, deciding their priority.
? Exported the test case from excel to Quality center.
Tools Used
Quality Centre, Excel

Project 2: Database Testing
Application – flight.exe (Windows based application)
Design and Build
? Toad tool was used to connect to the database
? Wrote SQL queries (Select, Insert Into, delete, update, create table, Joins) to verify the data written using the GUI and reading it back from the database.
? Tested the primary key constraint on the columns by entering same values in the records.
Tool Used
Toad tool

Project 3: Capture the logs from the Linux server and track for defects
Application – flight.exe (Windows based application)
Design and Build
? Searched for error in the log file using ‘grep’ command and used head and tail command in the UNIX system to display the first and last 10 lines of the log file. Used putty.exe to connect to the UNIX system
? FTP log files to the windows OS using WinSCP and Filezilla tool.
Tool Used
Putty.exe, WinSCP, Filezilla.

Project 4: Automation Testing
Application 1 -
Module: Loan Calculator
Application 2 - Fight.exe (Windows based application)
? Create QTP Script to test Test Cases for varied sets of data.
? Test data is stored in an Excel with clear headings.
Design and Build
? Used Data-Driven Concepts.
? Read Excel data into Custom QTP Data Tables.
? Used a script to navigate to parameterize the Test Data variables by using VB script arrays.
? Built QTP function Library (QFL) to handle application work flow.
? Shared the Object Repository to be used by other scripts
? Used Regular Expression to handle dynamic objects in the application.
? Used standard, text, and bitmap checkpoint to verify the expected output.
? Used start and end transaction to capture the time taken.
? User Defined Environment variables used as Global Data to exchange between main test action and QTP function library.
Tools Used

Project 5: Performance Testing
Application 1 -
Application 2 - Fight.exe (Windows based application)
? Executing VUGen scripts in Load Runner for Performance, Load and Stress Testing using Controller in Load Runner and generated reports using the Analysis tool in Load Runner.
Design and Build
? Recorded the application and generated the VUGen scripts in Load Runner. The script was enhanced with parameterization, correlation, checkpoint, Rendezvous point.
? Created the Manual or Goal oriented scenarios in the controller module to generate multiple vusers.
? Executed the controller scenario for performance, load, and stress test.
? Generated the reports using the Analysis tool in the Load Runner.
? Good knowledge of performance bottlenecks, end-to-end performance, and web performance measures like server response time, throughput and network latency.
Tool Used
Load Runner

Work Experience
Lead Engineer (Feb-2005 – May-2010)
Samsung India Software Operations (SISO) Pvt Ltd, Bagmane Tech Park, Bangalore
Key Roles Held Senior Software Engineer & Software Engineer

Project 1: Development of Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Project Description:
The project aims at developing graphical user interface with the intention of providing better user interface to test the Samsung USB 2.0 host controller.
Responsibilities (Software Engineer):
• Designed and developed the GUI which is very versatile in testing the Samsung USB 2.0 host controller.
• Completely customized the GUI for different test scenarios.
• Prepared High Level Design Document and Test Case Documents for the GUI.
• Contributed to the development of device driver (supported isochronous transfers).
• Validated the Samsung USB 2.0 Host controller.
VC++, Windows XP, MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class)

Project 2: Validation of Samsung HS USB OTG Controller
Project Description:
The Project is intended in developing software to validate all the USB transfers (Control, Bulk, Isochronous and Interrupt) capabilities of the Samsung HS USB OTG IP implemented in FPGA. The development of software includes modifying or development of USB class drivers, gadget drivers, controller driver and applications.
Responsibilities (Senior Software Engineer):
• Developed and modified device drivers for HS USB OTG controller in desktop environment.
• Developed GUI based Test Suite on Linux environment to validate the HS USB OTG FPGA.
• Supported the Korean customers.
• Carried out the Compliance test cases by modifying the device drivers and controller drivers for the HS USB OTG IP with the help of the hardware and test suite bought from
• Handled all the development, testing, IP validation and customer support work.
• Completely developed the Audio and HID gadget drivers on Linux environment from scratch to test the HS OTG Device Interrupt and ISO transfers
• Validated the HS OTG Device bulk transfers by modifying the existing Linux gadget drivers.
• Developed and Modified the Host device drivers to validate the HS OTG Host for Interrupt, ISO, and Bulk transfers.
• Validated the HS OTG IP for all the control transfer at different states of the State Diagram.
• Prepared High Level Design documents, Test Case documents and Test Report documents.
Fedora Core 8 with kernel 2.6.12, Synopsis custom FPGA platform

Project 3: Porting and testing the HS USB OTG Controller Driver to Windows CE Platform
• Bringing up the Windows CE 5.0 on ARMVP926ejs board.
• Ported and tested the HS OTG Controller driver from Linux 2.6.12 to Windows CE 5.0.
• Tested the control and bulk USB transfers on both host and device mode of operation.
Windows CE 5.0

Design Engineer (Nov-2003 - Feb-2005)
Unwired connect Technologies Pvt Ltd., Bangalore

Project 1: Development of firmware for Bluetooth keyboard
• Development of Bluetooth keyboard software in C and Assembly Language to communicate with Palm Device and Pocket PC, using AVR Studio Environment.
AVR Studio Environment

Project 2: Design document preparation for Digpro USB flash Drive Controller

Project 3: Development of PC based OTG Test Tool
Project Description:
The project is intended to develop a high speed test tool that tests the conformity of any OTG device with the defined OTG compliance specification.
Responsibilities (Design Engineer):
• Successfully designed the Enumeration Module.
• Shouldered the responsibility of device enumeration.
• Implemented all control transfers in the enumeration process.
Environment: Microsoft VC++, Windows DDK, Windows NT, Windbg.

Available upon request