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Kyla Anderson

Freelance Fashion Illustrator & Drawer

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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My name is Kyla Anderson. Since I was very young I have shown my talent and passion for the art and design industry. I started drawing at the age of 2, since then I have been improving my skills and techniques. During my first years of school I exceeded my teachers expectation with my art. At the age of 10 my art was already around my old school, giving me confidence and showing me that I can do really great in this industry. During my high school years my passion grew and love for art grew to the point that all I did was draw, paint, use my hands and creativity and I did assisted other students during the art classes to help them improve. After that I decided to join Sheridan College, I have one year of post-secondary education in art fundamentals program from Sheridan institute of design where I advanced my skills in imaging systems which is detailed technical drawings. I am developing my skills in human anatomy and life drawing. I have a unique skill in the handling of pencil crayons and the expression of colors. I also have a matchless pencil style and a flair for fashion illustrations as well as animations. I also have experience with marker drawings and all around creative and original take on imagery. I also have skill in advanced sculpture. I am very virtuous with my hands and to the attention of detail in any aspect of creation. I love to work with others to produce above and beyond projects to come up with the best end result to any new assignment.

I also have the opportunity to expose my art across different galleries in the west site of the GTA area.

My knowledge on the art field has been expanding thanks to the different courses, books and many artists that have guide me to improve my skills.

I am ready to beat any challenge and I am here to prove that I am one of the best at what I do in Canada.

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Kyla Anderson-
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Fashion Illustration