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Location:Huntington Beach, California, United States
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Jason Liddell a founding partner, consultant, and creative writer, coupled with co-founding partner, author and consultant Rick Wagner, comprise the key leadership within Estates International; an integrated consulting group.

Constructed as a people serving consulting group, Jason and Rick with the support of their service staff assess and meet the needs of people by walking through a group process coined as a SONA©; that of which enables both surface and subsurface needs to be revealed and supported. Such needs may fall with the following industries but not limited to: Business, Family, Construction, Real Estate, Investments, and Life.

From the first step of uniting with the individual, company, and or leadership staff of a business in need, Estates International initiates a second step known as UNWRAP©, that of which facilitates the planning, overcoming, and achievement of the client's desired results.

Consulting, writing, planning, implementing, researching, designing, and or collaborative fees are assessed on a project by project basis in order to assist the client in achieving their goals based on their needs, vision, time frame, and budget.
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