Houssem Eddine Sellami

Freelance Music Producer & Music Composer

Location:New York City, New York, United States
Website: http://www.soundclick.com/AchillesMusic
2 Skills
Am a very talented producer and i have 1 year and half in this country and i just was coming to follow my dream. I make a research in New York and i found a lot of diversity. I hope that you every one read this know that i have a huge quality's and like an artist i understand that sometimes you don't have the opportunity to get in the right place but you talented and there is small space in a vast music industry. But hopefully i try my shot and i try my chances maybe one day i have the ability to be part of music industry when i will found a team that i can give help like i need them to help me because i want still learn from professionals . This is my links, just what i did years ago, but i want everybody interested to know that am doping music not exactly one style: I do Hip-hop - Electronic - Film - and soundtrack music and i have a couple of instrumentals in this links but i have more in my computer i hope that i got a contact us well i got my chances like an artist.