Carley Langner

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Location:Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
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I am Carley, a Gemini, if you know much about Astrology, you know that it is the first zodiac sign to have a symbol with a human, meaning the sign of communication. In other words, I am as social as they come! I get bored easily, like to multi-task and explore the universe by observing all that is around me! I feel as though I have exquisite taste, and love to share it with others! I have befriended many promoters in Lincoln and Omaha, and jumped on the band-wagon of promoting their shows. This means promoting artists, genres of music, venues, clubs, bars, etc….so I have done my homework on all. I have studied and analyzed each venue and the qualities needed to have a successful show. I have observed the crowds of people who are promoted to, and what works for them, what doesn’t. I feel I have a good grasp on the ingredients of a thriving music scene. It takes a lot of work, but is fun to do, especially if you enjoy the music. On the writing side, I have enjoyed writing my entire academic career. An English major at the University was in a close second, right behind Sociology. Despite what degree I obtain, I know I will do something with writing. I’ve always had observances and opinions that I want to share with others, and they seem to flow easily on paper. I was always correcting others’ grammar as a hobby, rather than a chore. I enjoy writing, editing, proof-reading, tutoring, analyzing, observing, etc.
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