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Freelance Business Writer & Social Marketer

Location:Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Phone: +01-443-492-9685
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With 12 years experience, Speak And Be Heard's Chief Communications Officer has degrees in International relations, Communications and technology transfer. She has worked extensively in government, business and human services and enjoys multi-media communication across the Internet. She is a high energy, gregarious and personable individual with psychological interviewing, political, international relations, PR and marketing, communications and creative writing skills. She has a wide personal and professional network and has been hired as a speech writer, public speaker, blogger, business, science and comedy fiction writer. She works easily with high level leaders in science, technology, business and government. She has has built a broad global vision and a strong personal network. She understands complex relationships and multi-faceted needs of industry and government and technology markets including bioscience, healthcare, aerospace, IT and green technologies.

She can attract, assist, promote and persuade people, programs, companies and initiatives directly or indirectly by managing teams of technical and creatively skilled professionals.

How Our Chief Communications Officer Describes Herself:

I enjoy stories- personal, professional and technical. Often- the people with the most to say are quite introverted. I facilitate better communication and cross-cultural understanding between academics, inventors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, scientists, businesspeople and the general public. I conduct qualitative research, distill complex ideas and produce accessible speeches, reports and creative fiction that persuade and make you think. I've written and delivered humorous speeches an stories and incorporated technical research so that it's widely accessible for the general public. Sometimes I narrate and deliver speeches because I am a trained speaker but I also coach introverted and non-native speakers who need to present what they know in an effective, accessible and persuasive way. I've written promotional articles and blogs and articles based on interviews, original qualitative research and published research reports and data.

What can I do for you?

From a PR perspective, I am strategically focussed and I attribute my success to my personal traits :

1) I am curious and comfortable learning a wide range of subjects quickly, listening to what interests people and finding new ways to attract small and large distinguished groups around common themes. People tend to trust and open up to me professionally which is very helpful given that I am also goal-driven and think strategically.

2) I am a loyal, discreet and extroverted. I support leadership in a thoughtfully engaged manager. I enjoy designing strategies based on an understanding of client needs.

3) I form teams and guide them to find new ways to reach explicit and implicit goals in a short period of time. I like having tangible and verifiable results to show.

4) I naturally pull disparate concepts together to find common linkages between people, places and things. I understand and dissect academic and scientific research-rich content as well as current policy discussions and popular culture/media.

5) I draw my confidence from a range of creative sales, outreach and non-traditional marketing skills based on my training in social research methodology and having grown up in a largely successful entrepreneurial family. My hands-on, traditional PR skills are extensive and I make use of them whenever I can. They include events management; creating and using extensive contact lists, writing opinion pieces, managing focus groups, public speaking in front of large and small audiences, speech and press release writing and pitching stories to the media.

6) As an early adopter of new technologies I also have a penchant for cutting-edge technology and human research methods, communications devices, graphics and telecommunications-rich programs and the newest online networking resources. I enjoy the creative aspects of my work and delight in learning effective ways to bring it all together.

Would my skills be useful to your firm? I am entrepreneurial by nature and have worked in government, private industry, started my own consulting practice and helped government to engage bi-partisan and time-pressed, C-level industry strategy groups in aerospace, biotechnology, IT and Health Care. I am fearless, good-natured, ethical and hard working.

When can we meet?

Thank you so much for your consideration.