Gideon Jagged

Freelance Creative Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills
Published Novelist (

Freelance Writer
-Copy writing
-Article rewriting
-Search Engine Optimization
-Work well with employers, communicating frequently and completing deliverables to specifications usually before deadline
-Original research done for projects, if required

Editor (Fiction)
-Editing for:
Content, Style, Structure, Dialogue

Brilliant Tutor at You Home
(2005 - 2007)
Private Tutor Gr. 1 - 12
In home tutoring for children in English, Math and Science.

Advanced Solutions Group/Treklogic, Toronto ON
(2000 - 2004)
Application Development and Customer System Installation and Support
Designed and developed java version of MO:DCA Toolkit, an API for translating IBM MO:DCA files to Tiff/Jpeg format
Architected and coded Java version of WebDocs, an application for viewing MO:DCA images over the internet; application was then ported to three different architectures:
• A standalone application
• An applet
• An enterprise application
Architected and coded DragonDrop, an application for simplifying the import of Documents into Content Manager.
Coded custom modifications of ImageNT, a program which allows computers to act as viewing and printing workstations for IBM's ImagePlus VisualInfo for AS/400.
Coded custom modifications C/C++ versions of MO:DCA Toolkit and WebDocs.

Lead Programmer/Analyst
Lloyd Research Inc., Sudbury ON
(1998 - 2000)
Development and upgrading of custom database software
1. NDE (Non-Destructive Evaluation) project
Re-architected and coded program, used for tracking inspections of mining hardware at INCO’s Sudbury mining operations, in more recent version of PowerBuilder, migrating data from Access95 to Oracle 7.3 database.
1. POS (Point-of-Sale) project
Architected and coded POS, an add-on to DataStream’s MP2 fleet management software, to deal with over-the-counter sales required by a client. Language used: PowerBuilder. Database: Access97.
1. PenSamp (Pen Computer Sampling) project
I created two programs designed to allow miners to enter data from new rock faces via pen computers. Architected and coded interface that allowed user to view/enter information graphically, which the program translates into data. Language used: PowerBuilder. Database: Access97.
1. JTS (Job Tracking System) project
Co-developed JTS, initially for internal project management, but later sold to clients. Languages used: Visual Basic, Visual C++. Database: Access2000.

Programmer/Network Technician
Laurentian University, Sudbury ON
(1996 - 1998)
Architected LAN configuration and managed LAN deployment for 1997 International Physics Olympiad.
Developed scripts to support multi-user environment with MSOffice97 on Citrix WinFrame thin client network.

B.A.(Computer Science), Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, 1999.
B.A., University of Toronto, Erindale Campus, Mississauga, Ontario, 1986.

Soft Skill Areas of Expertise
• Trains and teaches well
• Excellent oral and written communications skills
• Highly computer literate
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Creative Writing
Fiction Writing