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Robert Mackiewicz

Freelance Comic Artist & Graphic Novel Artist

Location:Dennis, Massachusetts, United States
Phone: 7747669579
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Greetings to all, I am a seasoned illustrator and comic book artist in the independent circle.
I am always looking for writers that are trying break into the industry. Over the past 15 years I have worked as an Artist for Hire on contract. I am always willing to read and help you on your journey. Feel free to contact me.

My current works include Illustrator and Co-creator to Lil' Levi (, Cover Artist to a 2015 Indie Excellence Award winning book (Twisted Trails) and many other publications in the independent comic book area.

Usually, If terms are agreed upon, this is my order of operation:

1. I receive the script, and any other corresponding information, ie: character bios, possible concept work. I spend a couple of days reading material, and designing characters and blocking for story boards.

1A. We have a meeting at this point to make sure that what I gather from the information is
what you envision.

2. Storyboarding. This is where I take any notes that I have made from the reading and the meeting and produce a a blocked in page by page thumbnail storyboard to ensure a compelling story.

2A. We discuss details of story and pages.

3. Penciling. I draw the comic, on 11x17 boards bringing action and life to the words you had written. The hand drawn boards are then scanned to be reviewed.

3A. Quick meeting, proof of work, sometimes multiple meetings.

4. Inking, coloring and word bubbles. Inking is more so replaced by cleaning up penciled line work and darkened. The coloring is then added in to create a vibrant completion of the story to help capture the imagination of the reader and to put them into the center of your world.

4A. Brief meetings, proof of work.

Any and all further collaborative measures can be discussed at this point, i.e: continuation of story, publishing, marketing, additional advertising, convention appearances and other projects.
Please be advised, I am always willing to make your vision a reality and want to see each piece that I create reach it's full potential.

I look forward to working with you in the near future.
Wishing you all the best,
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