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Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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My last job I developed excellent organization skills. Strong independence and able to work in a team as well. Very creative and proactive. Speak English and Spanish Advance and intermediate French.

Have learned in volunteering and gotten a strong passion for fund raising as well as applied my experience in organizing events and catering.

If you need fast data entry; meticulous Internet research; a good event planning; fast typer; etc. I am your go to person.
A translation needs to be done Spanish into English or viceversa, check my scores on my page.
Blogging? I love writing and reading. Movies, culture, geek themes (such as comic books, Tv shows including comedies and others), boardgames, not technical computer writing as everyone thinks, ask and maybe we will find something that appeals you. I can write in a way that the reader will feel close and personal and most likely will come back to read more.
I might have a short story or two that I can transcript as well. After all, I type over 75 words per minute in English language, being higher number of words per minute in my native language (Spanish).

I respect the privacy of my clients and cant provide portfolio as they are personal files or specific private websites. However, I can upon request deliver (min 250 words) a sample in a timely manner satisfactory. If I can't answer your message immediately is because I am not close to my Pc. I might answer from my iphone or kindle often but I don't use them for the tasks required on this site.

I appreciate professionalism as you will get the same from me.

CV will be sent when applied for a job or upon requests.

Rates varies to task
No skype or Gtalk
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