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RIchard Lowe

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & Script Writer

Location:Macon, Georgia, United States
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Hi lancers, my name is Richard Lowe and I'm a graphic designer, aspiring filmmaker. I'm currently in Macon, Ga with two beautiful boys (1 month, 7 years old). I major in Video Production. The reason Im on this site is because I'm looking for help for a project im working (FIFTEEN, The Graphic Novel, Book One), because where I'm from everyone is focusing on music (don't get me wrong I love music) but my thing is comics, film, and theater. So its hard to find people in my area to collab with (unless im looking for a soundtrack for a movie). So welcome to my page, check out portfolio, check out some of my jobs offers (im cheap when it comes to my budget)
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3D Graphic Design
Script Writing