Taurus Kuykendall Jr

Freelance Music Producer & Internet Marketer

Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Phone: 4143995744
Website: http://www.hsentertainmentpresents.com
2 Skills
A hands-on, self-motivated and critical thinker who can learn quickly, develop an expertise, and produce immediate results in systems, business operations, and motivational team management. Possess valuable leadership, creativity, and analytical abilities that combine efficiency with imagination to produce top results.

Strengths & Capabilities
•Shared decision making
•Team training and development
•Goal setting and strategic planning
•Customer Care
•Productivity and efficiency Improvement
•And much more...

Promoting and marketing business
Video editing
Photography and photo editing
Show production
Commercial editing
Recording production
Music Production
Vocal Recording
Advertising and Marketing Expert
Instrumental Composing

Advanced communication
Proficient in all computer software (Microsoft, Excel, QuickBooks, Adobe, etc.)
Basic construction
Excellent customer service
Trained to handle large amounts of cash and all types of transactions
Advanced in business promotion