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Customizedsongwriter Mike McCracken

Freelance Children's Book Writer & Song Writer

Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Phone: 702 904 2176
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Customized Songwriter Mike McCracken

Single Soldier’s Prayer

Link to buy 30 songs from, Heaven’s Band, my album or singles for .99 cents:

My books: Love and Tears and Dweebville are available now
Get my fully orchestrated with different voices and sound affects book: Dweebville and Other Stories

Need a song for your love and tears. I am like a psychologist. People tell me their story and I write their song and their song is the cure. I did this all my life.

I wrote customized songs and sang them on the radio in Chicago and LA for 5 years.

I am well published. You can hear some of my songs on the website above.

I am looking for a contract with a music company.

I have over 160 songs registered with BMI. I own 200 % of the rights.

My Book Love and Tears is full of these songs and why I wrote them.

Email me with your email address, and I will send you my book. It is very copyrighted.

I am willing to relocate and hourly rate is negotiable for a company.

Your customized songwriter

Mike McCracken

PS customizedsongwriter is my word on the Intenet