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Michael Pearce

Freelance Graphic Novel Artist & Ad Designer

Location:Vallejo, California, United States
Phone: 707-731-0045
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Born in Northridge, California in 1983. I've always had a fascination with illustration and design. Even at the young age of three I experimented with drawing things like the fictional starship Enterprise from 'Star Trek'. Those drawings may have been primitive, but my interest in the subject of illustration persisted.

While my life has pursued practical means, I have kept my skills as an illustrator. Even through my enlistment in the United States Army as a medic, I found myself regularly participating in logo and emblem design. I remember one of my NCOs asking, "Why the hell are you in the Army when you can draw!?"

So now I'd like to have a go and freelancing. I hope the best!
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Graphic Novel Art
Ad Design