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Deni Dimochka

Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator

Location:San Diego, California, United States
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A graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design I'm an old school game addict with a love of foreign film and Shark Week. I'm versatile and adept at a multitude of styles and always 110% ready to hit the ground running. I’ve been a dedicated game player for the past 17 years and involved in the gaming industry for the past 3! I've worked in both film and advertising and have developed everything from character and environmental illustrations to storyboards and animatics for such companies as Sony, Qualcomm, and GE lighting to name a few. Tight rope deadlines and hair pin turn arounds are always met without sacrificing consistency and quality of work. My rate is 25/hr and I’m available as soon as needed. I'm fluent in the Adobe suite, Painter, Art Rage and Toonboom as well, with experience in Zbrush.
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Digital Art