Jacqui Shields

Freelance Editor & Copywriter

Location:Sulphur Springs, Texas, United States
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I worked extensively in advertising and publishing for nearly a decade as publisher and owner of my own newsletter, the reason behind calling it a newsletter and not a newspaper is there was never ANY news reported in the paper. It was a combination of humor, useful information, and a lot of useless factoids. When I say "useless factoids" I mean things such as, articles about how to avoid getting poison ivy; which in retrospect is not necessarily useless if you live in Southeast Oklahoma! The mission of the newsletter was to give readers an experience that was completely different from anything they could find in a magazine, newspaper, or online. At one point in time, there were five editions running in four states, mostly in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas. All of the advertisements were very much original, and out of the "box", created solely by myself; some were circles, some triangular, some in shapes I don't even think there are actually words for! There were no boundaries when it came to advertising or the articles, other than it HAD to be family oriented. The newsletter was used in many local schools, where it was distributed in reading classes as a tool to get children of all ages to read, as it had historical stories in every issue as well as many interesting facts. Many hours of research were invested in each issue to provide readers with accurate information. Each issue also included a custom crossword puzzle where the readers were required to read the advertisements to complete the puzzle to submit it for the drawing for a monthly prize. Each monthly issue was a 12-20 page tabloid, depending on the time of year and number of advertisements that month, as newsletters were all in heavy tourist areas. As a result of franchising the newsletter, I developed and wrote an extensive training manual as well. I have the strong ability to copy write, edit, create interesting and eye-catching storylines and/or profiles, as well as many other writing capabilities. Samples of stories can be provided upon request, the newsletter and its franchises are no longer in publication.
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