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Jacqueline Taylor

Freelance Comic Artist & Graphic Novel Artist

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 6137624290
2 Skills

Also: Animation, Storyboarding and Layout Artist

With my lifelong passion of drawing, I feel I can offer the skills, ambition and drive that are needed to submerge myself into the field of the Comic Book Industry.
Artist Skills:

• Comic Books: Excels in constructing visual and dynamic pages and panels to a script or story. Experienced in thumbnailing page layouts, roughing out panels, rough cleaning drawings using lead, before inking, then applying CG color, and extra effects.
• Digital Painting: Skilled with Tablets/Cintiq comprehending CS5 tools to make realist effects.
• Character Design: Creating animation-like, graphic or realistic characters. Understanding proportion anatomy, dynamic posing, perspective and structure, and providing realistic moods and expressions.
• Animation: Have considerable knowledge of the animation field, acquired from the college’s talented professors through our hands-on studio environment. Expertise’s in the principles of animation, using both paper and computer-based software.
• Layouts: Knowledgeable in background design- staging and composition, construction and perspective.
• Storyboarding: creating a drawn story-based outline (whether for animation or comic) using: camera shots, angles, movements, dialogue, effects and slugging.
Computer Skills:
• Experienced with: -Adobe Photoshop, CS3, CS4, CS5 ( Digital Painting or Editing)
• Final Cut Pro, After Effects
• Harmony and(Some experience) Flash


• Megabrain Comics (on-going): Contract work for conception designs and as a frequent penciler and inker for comic book AMERICAN DARK AGE, created by Jean David Michel. (Started: 2011)
• Excel Comics (on-going): Contract work for conception designs and as a frequent penciler and inker for comic book HAPPY FUN TIME ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SLAYER GIRLZ, created by Chi Wang. (Started: 2011)
• DeviantArt (on-going): Fan Art, digital paintings and short comics commissioned by fans onsite.
• Angry Gnome Comics: (nonprofit) Artwork featured in Short Stack: Volume 01 including the titles ‘Choosy’, ‘Making Room’ and ‘His Name Rings a Bell’ created by Shawn Gabborin (2008-2010)


• Algonquin College, 3 Year Animation Program (2007-2010) - Graduate 2010- Animation Degree
• Earl of March S.S. High School (2001-2005):
-Studied: Fine Arts, Life Drawing, Photography, Media Design, Interior Design and Ceramics
-Awards: Honors Certificate in the Visual Arts, Outstanding Achievement Award in Ceramics
-Received: Ontario Scholarship, Ontario Secondary School Diploma
• Lakefield School of Fine Arts (1997-1999)-Young at Arts (2 year) program for introducing watercolor, ink and acrylics.
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Comic Art
Graphic Novel Art