Freelance Script Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 289 489 2100
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Tanina Dipiazza

During high school i wrote a few of the high school plays i called - Mistake, and Lost child.
I also filmed a short story about bullying for students in elementary school

I have been writing as long as i can remember mostly scripts and plays- drama, Thriller, and Action.romance. This is something i love to do and the only thing i ever want to do. I have been studying film for a long time , im currently in school for journalism in media. I have done two freelance jobs, a few months ago i helped write a script for a short film, and i helped make a book into a script. Other then writing i am also a make-up artist, ive done make-up for zombie walk in hamilton two years in a row, I can do any style of make up. Im also a song writer, i write songs for all different genres. I also write speeches, I have worked with a few people and i wrote them a speech for weddings, and funerals.
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Script Writing
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