Greg Johannesen

Freelance Illustrator & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:-, Maryland, United States
Phone: 301-643-6482
2 Skills
Greg grew up with a creative streak that his parents couldn’t even break…confirmed by his first art award at age 6 of a Thanksgiving dinner from his point of view (not knowing the actual view was called a worms eye view)! Year after year of art shows, awards, and many many reams of paper, his parents fears grew because he was becoming an artist, a profession they had seen as moneyless.

It had taken years, but Greg finally convinced….or in other words nagged, begged, pleaded….his parents to allow him to follow his passion—illustration. Not easy because he already had a degree in advertising design, and the economy at the time was in the dumps.

After graduation, Greg found the market tough. Not discouraged, Greg used his resourcefulness to obtain job after job in whatever creative outlet he could. He soon found himself groomed by high-demand fast-paced agencies to be an all-around illustrator.

The can do attitude and growing multiple skill sets enabled Greg the courage to venture out on his own. Now Greg, to the astonishment of his parents, ekes out a living. Greg’s abilities have progressed from hand drawn, painted pieces to full blown digital creations. Although he still draws all of his ideas out by hand, his work is fully digital. Greg’s experience includes artwork solutions for editorial, book, poster, character development, signs, logos, icons, collateral material, advertisements, animation, web sites, presentations, and information/edu graphics.

Greg’s clients include; Virginia Trial Lawyers Journal, Metro Weekly, Virginia Business, UnderArmour, OmniStudio, Savings & Community Bankers, Association of Alternative Newspapers, to name a few.