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Drew Litton

Freelance Animator & Cartoonist

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
Phone: 303-912-9265
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Highlights: Wildly outrageous and hilariously entertaining, Cartoonist, Humorous Illustrator and Animator, Drew Litton, brings over 25 years of experience, passion, and professionalism to each and every project that crosses his drawing board. He is an award winning cartoonist, including a National Cartoonists Society award honoring him as one of the United States best sports cartoonists. He is adept at pen and ink, as well as digital drawing on a 24” Cintiq using Sketchbook Pro. He colorizes his cartoons, caricatures and humorous illustrations in both Adobe Photo Shop and Dr. Martin's Dyes. Litton animates his cartoons as well, in Adobe Flash CS3 and then adds sound, music and effects with Soundtrack Pro, insuring a top notch production every time. His connections with nationally acclaimed voice talent is but a phone call away. He will be adding proficiency in After Effects as well as Dreamweaver in the near future. His sports cartoons are nationally syndicated by Universal Press and he is the author of three cartoon compilations of his daily sports feature win,lose & Drew including 2004's Give My Regards to Elway, an homage to Denver Broncos hall of fame quarterback, John Elway. In 2008 Litton launched his newest venture, founding Littoonz Studios, a company devoted to state of the art humorous illustration and animation for print, internet, cell technology and TV. He handles every job with infectious enthusiasm and his commitment to excellence recognizes that each project be completed on time and on budget. He currently resides in Plano, Texas.

Process: The commitment to excellence at Littoonz Studios begins in the preparation. Each project is thoroughly researched and refined before thumbnail sketches are made. The best of the bunch of those are then rendered in rough form, sketched separately, or, for animation, in storyboards. The client then is able make their requests for changes or alterations. If more roughs are needed, they are done and sent back to the client for final approval. Each illustration is then inked or finalized for animation, colored and sent via e-mail or disc, to the client on time and on budget.
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