Jacqueline Laurin

Freelance Business Writer & Children's Book Writer

Location:Quebec, Quebec, Canada
2 Skills
My company's name is Causerie et Traduction Anglaise. I teach English to children, teenagers and adults. I taught English classes every day of the week with children aged from 4 years old. I started, when they were in kindergarden and I continued with them for 3 years. I also teach private classes'. I also give English communication sessions.

After I graduated from a French high school, I went to a French college, CEGEP, they give me English quizzes in order to see in which English class I belonged. I exceeded their classes and was exempted from English during college.

I also worked for the Federal Government in Canada. They tested my English, which included verbal and writhing. I also exceeded.

I started to translate as a child. I went to a French school, my mother only spoke English. All the books at home were only in English. When I had to do a report, an assignment from school the only books that were available, were in English. I learned at the age of 7 years old to translate English books in order to achieve the assignments that were given in school. This was before I high school. In high school, I could access the schools' library. My mother only spoke English while I was growing up and to this day. Which means I am continually translating English to French and French to English on a daily basis.

I hope to work with your company.