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Bernard Jackson

Freelance Artist & Sci Fi Artist

Location:West Orange, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 201.452.5718
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Bernard Studio Gallery 61
A Revolution in Art

Shades of an Artist

It is truly remarkable to find an artist who is as prolific with his paintbrush as Shakespeare was with his pen. Like Shakespeare’s literary contributions, a similar impact is evidenced by Bernard’s artistic masterpieces. His passionate love of hues, shapes, and images resonates in the hearts and minds of all who view his work. The brilliancy of Bernard’s work has catapulted him to enormous success and recognition as a renowned African American artist. As a visionary, Bernard uses his art to speak to the world. He is deft in his ability to capture the beauty, joy, emotion, and most importantly, the vibrant colors of life. Bernard’s artwork is truthful and personifies the African American experience in all its magnificent life forms. With a brushstroke, his artwork conveys a statement- “This is!”

Bernard was enormously well respected as both a Fine and Commercial Artist in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. After earning a degree from Benedict College, Bernard later pursued a Masters degree in Fine Art. Bernard also traveled to Detroit, Michigan and finally to New York City. Frustrated as a starving artist, Bernard diverted his career and went into the film industry as a Scenic Artist. He worked on more than thirty major motion pictures and still continues to do film work in his spare time. Upon the completion of two very successful films, Strictly Business and Malcolm X, Bernard went back into the studio. He moved to New Jersey and opened Gallery 61, a successful establishment in the heart of the Village of South Orange.

The inspiration for many of Jackson’s earlier works came from his mother, his children, and his friend’s deep southern roots and the many images of the African-American community. His original and limited edition prints, and sculptures, expresses Bernard’s deeply cultured vision. He is the creator of several limited edition series including The Heritage Sculpture Edition©, and The Red Tricycle Series© (original oil paintings). Two of his most recent creations are The Indigo Series©, and the phenomenal new Jazz Legends©.

Bernard is a man of many shades. His belief in the human spirit is a resounding attribute of all his paintings. His vision ranges in shades from subtly to bold. Subtle in his sweet and gentle ways, and bold in his passionate images. He is the color of earth, illustrating his commitment to his roots, his background, and his heritage. His artwork will transport you through a spectrum of simplistic, yet complex exploration of life’s treasures. Bernard is a treasure to behold!


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Alex Haley
Bill Cosby
Magic Johnson
Keenan Wayans
Cicely Tyson
Kimberly Aiken
Cherri Dennis
Joseph C Phillips
Coretta Scott King
Myrlie Evers
McDonald’s USA
Andre Braugher
Brenda Blackmon
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List Of Shows
NAACP National Convention 1994-Present
Magic Johnson Midnight Summers Madness
National Urban League
Congressional Black Caucus
National Black McDonald’s Operators Conference- (Featured Artist Commissioned piece Annual
McDonald’s Gospel Feast- (Featured Artist-Commissioned piece-“The Choir”)
South University
Winthrop College
Benedict College
University of South Carolina
Mann Simons Cottage-Columbia South Carolina
Harriet Tubman Museum-Macon Georgia
South Carolina State Museum
Mojo Festival- Charleston South Carolina
Rockhill College-Rockhill South Carolina
Morristown Museum-Morristown, New Jersey
Art Expo-New York
The Rotunda – Washington DC
Howard University
National Black Arts Festival –Atlanta, Georgia
Prudential-New Jersey
Jersey City Bi-Annual
The Newark Museum
Art From the Heart- (Non-Profit show to aid the World Trade Center Victims and their families)
Newark Academy
UMDNJ Medical Center
Dance Theater of Harlem, Harlem New York
Cendant Mobility Headquarters Gallery-Cendant Mobility, Sponsored by” Cendant Mobility”
Sackler Gallery-The Palace Theater, Sponsored by “Bank of America”
Lauryn Hill’s Refugee Project Annual Fundraiser
ArtJaz Gallery Philadelphia
Bobbi Walker Fine Art Gallery Denver CO
October Gallery
Lancelot H.Owens Foundation
WQCD Radio
Smooth Jazz CD101.9- New York Festival of Wines
South Carolina State Museum
100 Black Men Organization
Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Gallery –The Rich Forum ,Sponsored by “GE”
2005 American Black film Festival
Girls Action Network
Commissioned Works
Dr. Dorothy Height
Coretta Scott King
Betty Shabazz
Myrlie Evers
Sharpe James
National Black McDonald’s Operators Association Annual Award
McDonald’s Gospel Feast
Naomi Campbell
Newark Consulman Donald Trucker
Rutgers University
Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins (COUNCILWOMAN -AT-LARGE, Newark City Hall)
Tiger Woods Foundation

Film Projects
Malcolm X
Baby’s Day Out
Strictly Business
Die Hard III
Devil’s Advocate
The Associate
Bronx Tales
It Could Happen To You
The Nutcracker
Once On This Island
For Colored Girl
Cosby Show
Saturday Night Live
One Life to Live
All My Children
Vidal Sasson
Sesame Street
Arthur Ash Special
Montel Williams
Rosie O’Donnell
Good Morning America (Columbia South Carolina)
Today in North Carolina

Bernard Studio Gallery 61
A Revolution in Art

As soon as you walk through the doors, you are transported into a cultural Mecca where creative artistry absorbs your entire being. Gallery 61 has been a creative voice for the African American community since the gallery opened its inception. Artist Bernard Jackson has poured his soul into making Gallery 61 a haven for cultural expression. Jackson, a multi talented and multi faceted artist whose warm southern demeanor and graciousness has reached into every nook and cranny of South Orange’s multi - cultural and diverse setting. Stirring up emotion and pride, Jackson captures the beauty, joy, emotion and especially the vibrant colors of life in all his works. From a child’s eyes of innocence, his works will transport you through a spectrum of simplicity, yet complex exploration of life’s treasures.

From the exquisite entryway to the cathedral ceilings adorned with priceless treasures and bronze fixtures, you experience the warmth and sophistication. The spiral staircase draws you into the creative atmosphere. If the vibrant red color on the walls is not enough to take your breath away, the original oil paintings, caulking paintings, and bronze sculpture will. The greatest contributor to the gallery’s aesthetics is Jackson himself

With three levels of entertainment space, Gallery 61 and its professionally trained staff will make your event a dream come true. Hosting one affair at a time Gallery 61 prides itself with providing the client with the freedom to supervise every aspect of the event, from the planning of the menu to the intricate details of invitations and decorations. Quality service with a personal touch is provided by a courteous and knowledgeable staff that concentrates all of its energies on serving the needs of the client.

Gallery 61 becomes much like the home of those hosting the occasion…inviting, gracious, and intimate. Throughout the Gallery, guests will be enthralled by the creative genius of Bernard Jackson. Whether one hosts a wedding reception, birthday or anniversary celebration, or corporate business affair, this exquisite space creates an atmosphere of refined elegance and sophistication.

For the last decade Gallery 61 and the Jackson family, have hosted numerous wedding receptions, meetings, private parties, and fund-raisers for some of the areas most prominent business people and entertainers. We have had the distinct pleasure of hosting events for Queen Latifah’s Lancelot H. Owens Foundation, Lauryn Hill’s Refugee Project, Arts from the Heart South Orange Village’s September 11th anniversary fund-raiser, and a host of others.

With a seating capacity for 200, Gallery 61 is your place for the lavish grand celebration or the more intimate affair. A personal events coordinator will assist with your every need. The most intricate detail will be graciously attended to. Your only worry will be to enjoy the day. For a cultural difference, let Gallery 61 be the home of your next affair!
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Sci Fi Art