Erik Gray

Freelance Sales Presenter & Telemarketer

Location:Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills
Unemployed, I am a 25 year old male living at the heart of Ontario Canada's industrial sector, Kitchener - Waterloo region. However, I maintain that I am a competent and capable young adult. With 5 years work experience in the customer service, food service, and other technical fields my employ-ability should be through the roof; sadly the only thing through the roof are the bills I need to pay. That, as you may understand, is why I have decided to make this account.

With a career background in sales & services I can create a good impression. I understand how to speak professionally in public settings to sell goods, services, as well as myself. My main vision in creating this account is to branch out in to a field of interest I have not yet explored, freelance writing.

In reading this I hope you take interest and support my goals; as well I hope the best for you.