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Khomotjo Sebone

Freelance Artist & Painter

Location:Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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Personal Details

Surname Sebone

First Names Khomotjo

Date of birth 04 September 1984

Race Black

Gender Male

Health Good

Home language Sepedi

Other languages English ,Afrikaans

Interests and Passions ALL forms of
FILM Making, Music
Comic books

ID no. 840904 62400 86

Contact Numbers Cell- 074 529 3538

Show/Production list and work experience in
The Entertainment Industry 2007-Present

TUT Practical Productions (2007-2009)

- Birthday Party 2007 (Stage Hand) (Drama)
- Hoe Later, Hoe Kwater 2007 (Stage Hand) (Comedy)
- Mosadi Wa Mopa 2007 (Décor) (Drama)
- Rag Time (Décor) (Musical)
- Urine Town 2008 (Props) (Musical)
- Bohemia for Now (Decor) (Drama)
- TUT 3rd Year Bash 2009 (Staging) (Corporate)

Outside Theatre Productions (2008-2009)

- Sleeping Beauty 2009 for Pretoria Youth Theatre (Children’s
(Lighting Operator) Musical/Drama)
- Changing Times 2008 (Set Designer) (Drama)

KKNK Arts Festival (March 2008) – Junior Lighting Technician

- Klassic Chameleon met Chris Chameleon (Music/Rock Show)
- Nianell (Music/Rock Show)
- Amanda Strydom (Music/Rock Show)
- RAKA by NP Van Wyk Louw (Dramatic Dance)
- Cape Town Dance Studio, x3 short Pieces (Ballet)
- The Boxer (Italian Opera) (Opera)
AARDKLOOP Art Festival (August 2008)-Stage manager
-Fantastis (Drama)
-Amanda Strydom (Music Show)

Hypnotic Films – Music Video and Film Company (2008 - Present) Working under Owner/Director/Producer Ash Dibben

- Speedy of Bonga Maffin Music Video Shoot
July 2008
Production Assistant (Video Shoot)
- Mandoza Music Video Shoot
Nov 2008
Song “Mayke Baba”
Production Assistant (Video Shoot)
- Arthur Music Video Shoot
Nov 2009
Song “Clap”
Production Assistant (Video Shoot)

- Ms TUKS Rag Beauty Pageant
Feb 2010
Camera Operator Assistant (Corporate)
- Chomee Music Video Shoot
June 2010
Song “Fly the Flag”
Production Assistant and Extra in Video (Video Shoot)

Senepe Production (2010)
-Half Brother (Film Pre production,)
Sep 201
Décor, Set Dresser and Props Standby (MovieShoot)

Education and Training (Tertiary and Secondary)

Tertiary Education

Name of institution Tshwane University of
Technology (TUT)
Arts Campus
Period of education 2007 – 2009

General Subjects
Set Painting/Décor Design
Props Design
Make-up Practical & Theory
Costume Design
Textile Design
Stage Technology
Theatre History
Sound Practical & Theory
Lighting Practical & Theory

Various Achievements

- First Aid Level 3
- Safety Inspection Certificate

Other Work Experience

Type of work Customized Commissioned

Polokwane Community Theatre

Freelance Décor
(Homebaze restaurant) 2009-2010

DVD Videorama Eastwoods Video
Store Clerk
Feb 2010-July 2010


- Mr. Ash Dibben (Hypnotic Films Owner/Director/producer)
Cell no. 082 323 7323

- Mr. Monye Seshibe (Art Collector)
Cell no: 079 935 2928
- Mr. Dudley Harley (Tshwane Oil)
Cell no: 083 670 4559
- Mrs. Yolanda Colesky (DVD Videorama Hatfield)
Cell no. 083 279 4199
- Mr. Johan Albert (Lecture),
Cell no: 082 7165 454
-Luarnae Roos (Senepe Productions)
Cell no: 083 959 7474
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