Juan Montalvo

Freelance System Administrator & Datacenter Freelancer

Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
2 Skills
Technician manages Windows servers, UNIX servers, XP machines, and MAC machines. Provide in house technical support. Provide support for 3rd party applications. Managed server and PC backups. Responsible for support of LAN and server technology across multiple sites. Ensuring uninterrupted availability of production servers.

Outstanding people skills and ability to turn a complicated explanation into a simple answer that helps the customer understand what’s going on.
4+ years of experience working as a Technician for a web design/programming company.
Ability to work fast paced and alone. Currently work afternoon shift where in most cases I am the only technician available with very little or no supervision.
Willing to be on call or come in when needed.
6+ years working with Windows 98 through Windows Vista. Extensive experience working with Windows XP and MAC OS X
Extremely skilled in Microsoft Office 2007
VMWare and virtual machines
Setting up and Administrating Windows IIS
Setting up and Administrating Active Directory
Anticipate communication and networking problems and implement preventive measures.
Setting up and Administrating Unix Servers
Substantial amount of experience with Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell PowerConnect Switches, Dell Management Software, Baytech PDU’s, Juniper routers, Broadband routers, Server Colo Support.
Educated on network Topology. Ability to run Cat6 alone and terminate the ends properly throughout office or Colo.
Experience in meeting PCI compliancy.
A lot of cable running experience.
Setting up and manage VPN server.
Develop and conduct various training and instruction documents for system users.
Setting up and Administrating SCSI raid drives, NAS server and backups.
Setting up phone system
Installing Security POE system