Sunel Siecker

Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer

Location:Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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Sunél Drowley
Australia, QlD
(+614) 3349 2632
DOB: 03-09-1986



SAE Institute International January 2008 – April 2008
Graphic Design Communication Certificate course
Zevenwacht Chef School South Africa January 2005 – June 2005
Pastry Chef's course


Final Year College Subjects and Results:
Afrikaans First Language HG High Grade
English Second Language HG High Grade
Mathematics SG Standard Grade
Biology HG High Grade
Accounting SG Standard Grade
Geography HG High Grade
- HG: A: 80%
- SG: A: 70%



Meegs Boutique
- The Oasis Shopping Centre, Shop 35, Level 1
- Website & Marketing Administrator
Industry: Retails
Position Held: Website & Marketing Administrator

Overall Responsibilities:
- Maintaining of website
- Assist with marketing events
- Develop marketing strategies and assist implementation

Specific Tasks:
- Updating website with current events and making website more interactive for
- Assist with the designing and distribution of marketing materials.
- Researched new ideas for marketing and developed short term
implementation strategies.
- Developed eBay store and Bartercard affiliation to sell off of end of
season overstocks.

Skills and Knowledge Gained:
- A sound knowledge of Adobe Creative Design Suite including Dreamweaver.
- Gained an understanding of the overall marketing process.
- Learnt to develop low impact implementation strategies.
- Developed an understanding of web design and development related duties.
Joie Design
- Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE
- Graphic Designing

September 2008 – October 2009
Industry: Graphic Design
Position Held: Junior Graphic Designer

Overall Responsibilities:
- Developing creative designs and concepts.
- Development of interpersonal and communication skills to deal effectively
with team members and external clients.
- Work as an integral member of the graphic design team.

Specific Tasks:
- Assist in the development and design of graphic material to meet
client specific requirements.
- Produce print ready artwork in allocated time frames.
- Effectively communicate all design ideas and necessary information to the
Creative Director.
- Record keeping of design hours for specific tasks in line with work schedule.

Skills and Knowledge Gained:
- A sound knowledge of Adobe Creative Design Programs in Illustrator, Photoshop
and Indesign.
- Developed excellent time management skills and the ability to work to
tight deadlines and while under pressure.
- Became a strong team member and developed excellent writing, editing,
interpersonal and presentation skills.

The Caviar House & Prunier
- Souk Madinat Jumeirah
- Restaurant and Seafood Bar
- 70 covers
January 2007 – January 2008
Industry: Food and Beverage/Hospitality
Position Held: Hostess/Receptionist/Waitress

Overall Responsibilities:
- Develop into a key member of the food and beverage/hospitality team.
- Assist in the training of new team members.

Specific Tasks:
- Answering and directing incoming calls.
- Assisting in administrative and financial related tasks.
- Supervising seating allocation in the restaurant and provide prompt and courteous
service during seating process.
- Communicating all necessary information to incoming supervisor and recording all
important messages in the restaurant communication log.
- Record keeping of the daily training and taste panel forms, section rotations and
ensuring this is received by the manager at shifts end.
- Follow restaurant opening and closing check-list thoroughly.
- Assign specific stations to servers and assign side work in line with work schedules.

Skills and Knowledge Gained:
- Further developed interpersonal skills in a fast paced environment.
- Gained management awareness and exposure in the training of new team
members and the involvement in management related tasks.
- Further developed restaurant market awareness through caviar, wine and desert
tasting sessions.
- Identified as trustworthy and honest through specific tasks involving large
amounts of money for deposits, cash transactions and restaurant purchases.

The Cellar, Dubai Aviation Club
- 5 Star Restaurant
- 20 Employees
- Catering for 150 covers per night.
October 2005 – November 2006
Industry: Food and Beverage/Hospitality
Position Held: Pastry Chef – Desserts

Overall Responsibilities:
- Develop into a key member of the food and beverage/hospitality team.
- Take a hands on approach to further develop skills.
- Work toward becoming a valuable member in the kitchen.
- Work toward assisting in the training of new team members.

Specific Tasks:
- New dessert design tailored to demographic.
- Making desserts for a number of magazines, Ahlan and Catere.
- Responsible for ensuring that the desserts are of the highest quality.
- Co-ordination and delegation of team.

Skills and Knowledge Gained:
- Developed good interpersonal skills in a multi cultural environment.
- Gained management awareness in the training induction of new team members.
- Further developed specific skills through cooking and preparing desserts for the
evening menus, wine evenings and buffet lunch.
- Organizational skills realised through structuring team members for specific tasks.


Hoedjiesbay Hotel – South Africa
- 4 Star Hotel Restaurant
March 2002 – June 2002

Lacomia Restaurant – South Africa
- Coffee Shop/Café
September 2005 – October 2005
Industry: Hospitality and Customer Service
Position Held: Waitress

Skills and Responsibilities:
- Worked as a key member of the hospitality and customer service team.
- Maintained overall cleanliness of the restaurant
- Wine and menu selection education.
- Co-operative with difficult customers in certain situations where they
may have not been satisfied with their food or with the service that was provided
to them. Incorporating conflict resolution into customer satisfaction.


RP International September 2006
Industry: Recruitment
Position Held: Assistant Receptionist

Skills and Responsibilities:
- Working as a member of the team in an international legal recruitment firm.
- Answering and directing incoming calls.
- Assisting in administrative and finance related tasks.
- Making and issuing invoices and organizing candidate’s travel arrangements.

- I consider myself a good communicator with a diverse group of people, well mannered,
confident and a problem solver.
- I am someone who enjoys working as a member of a team. Growing up in SA playing
hockey reflects my dedication to a Team environment.
- I believe I have good leadership qualities through my ability to relate quickly to others
and through good self and situation awareness. I like to get those around me excited and
motivated to enjoy the task at hand.
- I am a fast learner and pick up on new tasks very quickly, and am adaptable and flexible
in terms of work environments.
- I am of cool character when placed under deadlines or in fast track environments,
reflected through my ability to deal with the rigors of a demand driven restaurant kitchen.

- Microsoft Office Programs: Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Powerpoint.
- Macintosh : Adobe Creative Programs; Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign

- Sports: Hockey, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming.
- Health and fitness: Running and Swimming.
- Hobbies: Music, Film, Art, Team Sports, Going out with friends.

Available upon request
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