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TK Camas

Freelance Portrait Photographer & Event Photographer

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
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I am an artist and a writer. My collegiate career was split at both Baylor University and The University of Colorado at Boulder. I studied visual art and art history at both but definitely learned more visual art skills at Baylor and delved deeper into my art historical research at CU. Although my professional experience is limited, I am very experienced at working under pressure and deadlines. I've done a few murals, designed t-shirts for the dance company I co-founded at Baylor, have created numerous posters, and designed a few blog looks.

As a photographer, I love taking portraits! I also love action shots. You can check out my photography work at:

Through the explorations of people, I embrace life and all of the things it may or may not mean to be alive, conscious, well. I love writing lighthearted blips about whatever is interesting me at the moment. Globally, I have traveled to all of the continents except Australia and Antarctica for extended periods of time. This "outlook" or personal desire to grasp the world first hand is what I believe makes me well-rounded and driven. It's unfortunate that the world is becoming so unappreciatively More of my artworks can be seen at

Online writing samples can be found through Google or at: