Manuel Mejia

Freelance Video Editor & Spanish Translator

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
2 Skills
slash “Dravidio”
Whether is a documentary, a TV Show, a corporate video or a commercial, my job is to
communicate a message through audiovisual means in the most effective and entertaining way.
Edit to Inspire
-Editing should be seamless to the eye.
-There is a reason for every edit.
-Nothing alleviates better and at the same time keeps a story alive than a change in tempo.
-An editor is a musician at heart.
-Got to be efficient without being careless.
-Expect the unexpected: specially with your clients and work schedules.
-It´s an amazing race: you must beat the clock whilst keeping your cool.
-More universal knowledge: better editor.
-Don´t crack under pressure: thrive in it´s environment.
At the end, it all comes down to the editor. Better hand it to someone who knows.
Manuel Mejia/Dravidio
Editing as a career passion
1998-2010 Co-founder of Pimenton Films, with Alejandro Antoni, Vice President of on-air
promotions HBO Latin America, a video production company based in Caracas,
2009-2010 Created, produced and was in charge of the offline and, online editing as well as the
mastering of a 13 chapters of a 30 minute video magazine about scientific
breakthroughs in Venezuela called “Ciencia Contigo” (Science with You)
2008-2009 Edited multiple corporate videos for Ford, British American Tabacco, Pfizer and
Procter & Gamble
2008-2009 Edited a 6 chapter documentary of one hour each about the influence and heritage of
the different community of immigrants that arrived in Venezuela after the Second
World War called “Testimonio de Inmigrantes” (Immigrant Testimonies). The
communities were the Spanish, Italians, Argentinians, Germans, Chileans and
the Portuguese. It was for a private foundation called Fondo de Cultura Economica
that promotes cultural values.
2008-2009 Edited a 30 minute documentary for the Brazilian Transnational
Odebrecht, the company responsible for building the new lines in the Metro System
of Caracas, Venezuela, as well as various buildings and bridges across the country.
2008 Motorola hired Pimenton Films to produce a commercial of their latest model in
San Francisco, California, for the Venezuelan market.
2007-2008 Senior editor in Charge of 26 chapters of a 30 min TV program about sports
celebrities and fashion in sports called “Set” and that was aired in the Venezuelan
Sports Channel called Meridiano TV.
2007 Senior Editor in Charge of 26 chapters of a 30 min TV program about pop and
urban music culture in Caracas called “Sonoclips” and that was aired on the
Venezuelan local network RCTV.
2007 Pimenton Films was commissioned by the Venezuelan Government to produce and
edit nine promotional videos for the soccer Americas Cup 2007 held in Venezuela.
2006-2008 Responsible for the offline and online editing as well as the mastering of 52 chapters
of a renown chef in Latin America, Sumito Esteves, called “Sumo Placer” for
Gourmet Channel , a cable network based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2006 Edited a 21 min documentary of Carlos Coste, the then Guinness World Record
holder in freediving and his quest for another world record called “Reto en el
Abismo” (Challenge in the Abysm) in the speciality of No Limits, to a depth of 146
2006 Edited 13 micros of 2 minutes called “Volando el Sur “(Flying the South) that
consisted in the journey of an extreme pilot in an ultralight aircraft
all the way around the border of the continent of South America.
It was shown on Discovery Channel Latin America.
2005 Edited a 5 minute art video that was shown on the Venezuelan Pavilion
in the World 2005 Expo in Aichi, Japan, called “Natures Wisdom”.
2005 Edited “Donde la Tierra se Parte” (Where the Earth Cracks), a 46 min documentary
commissioned by UNDP (United Nations Developing Program). It captured
the extreme habitat and way of living of the indigenous people in the Delta of
the Orinoco river in Venezuela.
2004-2009 Pimenton Films contributed with UNICEF on the production and editing of multiple
one minute micros in their quest for the public awareness of child abuse, as well as
campaigns to raise money for the homeless and physically impaired children.
2004 Pimenton Films produced a campaign of six promotional videos for HBO Latin
2003-2005 Responsible for the off-line and online editing as well as the mastering of 52 chapters
of “Discovery Connection” for Discovery Channel, Miami, Florida, that was aired
once a week during two years in row for all of Latin America, including a Portuguese
version for the Brazilian market. It was a one hour scientific TV program that
showed a variety of ingenious scientific researches all across North and South
America. Some segments where produced in USA, Canada and Pimenton Film was
responsible for producing the segments all over Latin America, for which we
subcontracted other production houses in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina.
I was in charge of a team of four editors.
2002-2003 Created, wrote, produced and edited a video documentary of the Venezuelan living
baseball legend Omar Vizquel, called “Catch his Magic” . It also had an
instructional section that showed how to play the game. It was sold in USA as a
2000-2002 Pimenton Films created, wrote and produced a critically acclaimed 13
chapter documentary TV series called “Destinos Musicales” (Musical Destinations).
We travelled to various regions of Venezuela to capture it´s
musical diverseness and charismatic characters. It had many reruns in local and panregional
networks across Latin America.
1996-1998 Translator and film sub-titler English/Spanish for HBO Latinamerica,
Caracas, Venezuela.
1992- 1996 Student in Literature in the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), Caracas,