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Claudia Stavola

Freelance Comedy Writer, Blog Writer, & More

Location:New Jersey and, Connecticut, United States
12 Skills
I’m a professional stand-up comedian and writer experienced in editing, proofreading, speech writing, joke writing, ghostwriting, poetry, and letter writing. I’m proficient in portraying the client’s voice through my words and can add style and character to an otherwise invisible piece of work. Although I prefer descriptive writing with lots of personality, I can be low-key, conservative, and technical if the project requires. Rewriting a policies and procedure manual on safety deposit box rules and regulations is an example of such writing. I’m currently writing a memoir for a client and continue to ghostwrite a column for the Huffington Post. I’ve edited books including Everybody’s Scene: The Story of Connecticut’s Anthrax Club by Chris Daily, and Dark by UK writer Andrew Wright. I wrote a column called “Comedy in the Raw” for the online magazine Spotlight, and am regularly hired to write business and wedding/special occasion speeches. My diversity, attention to detail, dedication, and focus are the traits that make me stand out from other writers. Whether I am working on my own project or a client’s project, I do it with the same amount of passion and pride.