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Brian Typhair

Freelance Comic Artist & Horror Artist

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Going to started off by saying,Hello too everyone who might be reading this, my name is Brian,I am a published indie comic book artist,cartoonist & all around freelance artist from Ontario Canada. I work for a indie comic book company called McHozer Comics outside of Toronto. I also have a two page spread in UK based horror magazine Murky Depths issue #15, Also some fun info for anyone who wants to know I am ranked 109 out of 11,000+ artist worldwide on I recently was awarded the viney's Horror artist award for Jan/Feb 2011 on comicvine.

I have done varied pieces from The Simpsons too The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Sonic The Hedgehog all the way to Spiderman and The X-Men and Horror artwork such as zombies and werewolves.

My influences range and my styles and feels for piece also range, they go from happy kids book style illustrations all the way to the other end of the spectrum such as gory detailed horror artwork.

I have done designs for t-shirts,skateboards and snowboards,logo's and numerous amounts of tattoo designs.

I can draw pretty much anything that is needed. I have been drawing since before I could walk(I know it's cleshay but it's true haha) I have been a published artist since the age of 18(I am 21 now) I spend about 8-12hours per piece to get everything right. I draw each and every day to improve my skills, not sure what else to add to this so,that seems about it.

just thought I would take the time to post some links for you guys to check out.
For those of you who have facebook, if you want you can check out my artwork on my fan page called "Art Of TypH" I post all my up to date pieces on here and I try to comment daily on what i'm doing,

NOTE: just one thing I wanted to say, yes I know all my work is Black & White, but don't let the scare you away if your someone who wants colored pieces. The reason being is because I have some close friends who are published comic book colourist who are more then happy to colour my stuff. Also my girlfriend is also a painter and colors some of my stuff too so. I just wanted to let you all know that.
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