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Nate Flanigan

Freelance Book Illustrator & Drawer

Location:phoenix, Arizona, United States
Phone: 6028825499
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My name is Nate Flanigan. I am a full-time PVCC student majoring in Fine Arts. I look forward to diving into multiple facets of art to take it to the next level. I would like to welcome you to the inner workings of what I like to refer to as my mind/body connection.Through my heart, mind, and soul I describe life and the meaning in an abstract point of view. Along this journey my passion brings me to re-discover who I am, all while enticing the imagination of all who view my work. To offer insight into the inner-working of my creative process; would best be described in an aesthetic/epistemological type of a vision.
In order to understand my passion behind the vision, you must take the true nature behind the complex biological devices we as humans come so spoiled with and misuse; the eyes. As we all are limited to which parts of the light spectrum we accompany reality with, so do all other mammals and life forms. My vision blurs the line between spirituality and actuality. I encourage my viewers to take a seat and induce a dream-like state of observation and let our shared imagination bring forth a hallucination of the senses and let the common become more than common. A vivid delusion of reality is only a matter of opinion and where you decide to view it from.
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Book Illustration