Brad Doyle

Freelance Database Designer & Mainframe Programmer

Location:Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 289-805-1695
2 Skills

Brad has been active in the IBM midrange et al marketplace for the past 29 years. During that time he has progressed from entry level technical capabilities through the ranks of IT Management and consulting to his current status as a senior consultant with expertise in IBM AS/400 (iSeries), Linux, and Windows technology.
Brad’s skill sets include data modeling, systems and data migration / cleanup / normalization , systems security, system design & architecture, user/management/IS liaison, performance optimization (hardware, software, database), formal education planning, CRP, DRP, communications, interfaces, and in depth systems programming and management.
Brad’s extensive exposure to various business environments (manufacturing, distribution, point of sale, transportation, retail, financial, insurance, trust, securities, banking etc.) has resulted in a well rounded knowledge base in areas of business practices and their relevance to IS principals, and an inherent ability to quickly analyze and adapt to any business requirement, and to communicate effectively at any level.

Brad has attained great proficiency with Windows and associated software He is highly skilled in producing presentations and documentation, as well as interface from AS/400 to PC Windows based packages.
Since 1985, Brad has worked extensively with JD Edwards software on the AS/400 platform. He has experience in all financials, payroll, work order, DRP, MRP, and inventory applications especially in areas of interface, functionality extension and integrity enhancement. This, combined with his extensive iSeries knowledge, makes him a perfect fit for any technical aspect of JDE support and/or implementation. Although Brad’s skill sets fall more to the technical side, his extensive experience provides the capability to perform effectively in a functional capacity as well.
Since 1997, Brad has worked extensively with Linux in areas of networking, AS/400 integration, internet services and use of Linux on the desktop.
In addition to the IBM AS/400 marketplace, Brad has also been active in areas of client/server, general networking (LAN/WAN), and Internet/Intranet encompassing all ranges of computer systems architecture from the PC to the mainframe.

Skill sets

Soft Skills

Systems Analysis
29 Years

Project Management
5 Years

26 Years

Database Modeling
14 Years

24 Years

IT Management
10 Years

8 Years

Business Analysis
3 Years

2 Years

Software Design
25 Years

Forms Design
3 Years

Systems Integration
17 Years

Web Design
8 Years

Operating Systems

I5/OS OS/400

18 Years

25 Years

1.5 Years

ERP Packages

JD Edwards
12 Years

1 Year

2 Years

6 Months

2 Years

2 Years

2.5 Years

23 Years

9 Years

MS SQL Server
2 Years

MS Access
15 Years

6 Months

1 Year

17 Years


20 Years

3 Years

23 Years

1 Year

8 Years

ILE Cobol
2 Years

7 Years

Apache Server
4 Years

2 Years

6 Months

1 Year

5 Years

1 Year

1 Year

Productivity Software

MS Project
11 Years

15 Years

MS Word
20 Years

MS Excel
20 Years

Lotus Notes
1 Year

MS Powerpoint
10 Years

OS/400 PDM
20 Years

MS Outlook
3 Years

Forms 400
1 Year

Crystal Reports
1 Year

3 Years

Adobe Acrobat
3 Year

Open Office
10 Years

3 Years


proven project leadership and management skills
proven IT and operational management skills
innovative architectural approach to systems design
proven database modeling and software design expertise
extensive database tuning, normalization and migration experience
26 years systems analysis, data management architecture, development, technical support, department and project management experience
13 years JD Edwards ERP implementation, modification, integrity enhancement, interface primarily in developmental and technical implementation roles and in some cases functional roles.
expert level of knowledge of IBM iSeries (AS/400)
architecture and internals
communication features (TCP/IP, FTP, MQ Series, APPN, APPC,, DCE, DDM, Client Access 400, etc.)
Application Enabling products (ILE/RPG, RPG/400, RPG III, RPG II , VA/RPG, ILE, DB2/400, SQL, CL, DDM, system API programming, all development utilities
MI (Machine Instruction code)
IFS, HFS, OFS file systems
Apache web server
Sockets programming
cross-platform and cooperative application design between AS/400, PC and OSS platforms running under Windows (95 98 NT 2000 XP) and Linux
Client/Server development utilizing such products as Web Smart, VBA, VS.NET, Java, MQ Series,
Internet/Intranet development and database integration
well versed in Linux implementation and integration
excellent communication, analytical, documentation and writing skills
experienced in financial, manufacturing, point of sale, distribution, retail, mass marketing, insurance, supply chain, banking/trust, and service industries
proven ability to quickly absorb new concepts and technologies and effectively utilise any and all skill sets to provide innovative solutions resulting in superior products at reduced cost

Curriculum Vitae

F.O.Q. Ltd.
July 1990 – Present

Systems Architecture
Technical Support of AS/400 and Related Technologies
ILE (RPG, Cobol, C), SQL design and development
Peoplesoft Enterprise/JD Edwards Support, Enhancement, Implementation, data migration
CMS Support, Enhancement, Integration, Implementation, data migration
Project management
Database migration, cleansing, tuning
Data architecture
Systems security
High Availability
Liaison with upper management and the user community
Data modeling, analysis and optimization
AS/400 multi-iterative core server system architecture enabling simple interface from any platform
Capacity, disaster recovery, new products planning
Communications: analysis, configuration, planning and resource management, seamless integrated real time solutions for network AS/400 and peripherals via TCP/IP, SNA, SNADS, Java, Linux, CA/400, HTML, PHP
Performance tuning and analysis encompassing benchmark testing, memory & storage management & low level configuration, database: analysis; optimization; normalization, software optimization, resource optimization, CRP
Systems programming including dynamic subsystem and program generation, operating system shells, command interfaces, etc.
System security: planning; implementation
MI (machine instruction) level development
Client server & Internet/Intranet development utilizing VA/RPG, SQL
A/R, A/P, G/L, O/E, MRP, JIT, Transportation, Shipping, Logistics, GIS, POS, Distribution, Retail, Payroll, Time management design, development, and implementation

Client List in Chronological Order

Please refer to Appendix A for details of services provided

Citigroup Global Transaction Services
Sima Solutions LLC
Woodbridge Group
Thompson Carswell
Chubb Security Ltd
Ministry of Education of Ontario
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare
JD Irving Ltd
Whitehall Robins Ltd
Nadiscorp Logistics
ICI (Paints) Canada Inc
Baxter Medical Corporation
Edwards Lifesciences Canada
Merrill Lynch
Libbey Inc.
AMP of Canada Ltd
IBM Canada Ltd.
Esso Canada Ltd.
Unitel Communications Ltd
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Ltd.
Sun Life Trust
Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario
Edgecombe Group Ltd
Cantoc Business Systems Inc.
First Marathon Securities Ltd
MGV Computer Consulting Ltd.
Strano Food Service Ltd.
Samuel, Son & Company Ltd.
Alpine Electronics of Canada Ltd.

IBM Canada Laboratory
Jan 1989 - July 1990

Contract Consultant (AS/400, System/36/38, 3090)

development of RPG II, III, /400 compilers and run time routines
remote customer compiler troubleshooting via ECS
extensive communications exposure
rewrite ANLZRPG (S/36 to AS/400 Migration Assistant)
training of new staff
frequent consultation with senior staff regarding requirements of the RPG languages customer base
analysis, enhancement, and troubleshooting of RPG related communications routines and interfaces
extensive contact with and support of Level 2 Software Support department at the IBM Laboratory in Rochester, Minnesota
extensive self-study of AS/400 as provided within the IBM training library throughout the duration of the contract

Contractors Network Corporation
Jan 1987 - Oct 1988
Contract Consultant (System/36)

System/36 programming and analysis
extensive telecommunications support (remote processing, ICF, 3270 emulation
support and modification of J.D. Edwards software

Bic Canada Inc.
Sep 1986 - Jan 1988
Data Processing Manager

Department Management
MIS staff training and supervision
requirements planning and budgeting
senior level programming and analysis
MAPICS A/P & G/L support and modification
IBM System/34 to System/36 Conversion

Cadillac Lumber Inc.
March 1986 - July 1986

Contract Consultant (System/36)

general programming and analysis
Paperjacks Publishing Ltd April 1985 -March 1986
Data Processing Manager

Department Management
IBM System/34 programming and analysis
J.D. Edwards software conversion and implementation
Data migration to JDE

Columbus Computer Business Systems Inc.
December 1984 - March 1985
Contract Consultant (System/36)
IBM System/36 programming and analysis
support and implementation of AMPS MRP and release accounting system specific to suppliers of the “Big Three” auto manufacturers
development and support of electronic billing, payments, reporting systems

Erco Industries Ltd.
June1984 December 1984
Contract Consultant (System/34)
IBMSystem/34 programming and analysis
restructure and reorganize sales, payroll and work order systems in preparation for conversion to PRIME hardware
database migration

Sheridan Computer Services Ltd
December 1982 - May 1984
IBM System/34 programming and analysis
daily running of systems in a service bureau environment

JDA Software Services February 1982 - November 1982
IBM System/34 programming and analysis for various clients in a consulting environment

Contact information

Brad R. Doyle

Phone (289) 805-1695