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Freelance Comic Artist & Graphic Novel Artist

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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Hi I am a...

Experienced Comic Book Artist Available (12 Years). Been Working On A Exclusive Comic Books For The Last Few Months. I Am Now Available For Additional Work And To Bring So POW! Into Your Ideas.
(Yeah thats Batman and Ironman)

Pencil Work For Your Graphic Novels "Awesome" - this was said after 2 mins solid crying.

Kindle Covers "Sweet and cute"
Book Covers "Thats so cool"
Digital Inking "Your art reminds me of my friend that works for DC comics!"

Digital Colours "Cor whut" - no really thats what he said
Traditional Colours "yeah even crayon"
Script conversion "you got all this from those few lines?"
Comic Books "Are you related to Jim Lee?"
Story Boards "I wish I had the budget for a movie that looks like this"
Gift Cards And "haha its all mine :)" - dont ask
Brand Design "I can now see my product on shelf!"
Concept To Finished Work *
Childrens books *
Children's bedrooms *
Logo designs *
CD/DVD covers *
Poster designs *
Business cards *
Banner designs *
Flyer designs *
Inked Work For Stylized Work *
Even birthday cards *

*All levels of compliments are nice. But I cant put them all here you would say I was big headed or making it up. So here is the latest one
"Ahh i love it!!! Thankyou so so much." - Lucy

Plus its a lot to type and I want to get back to the Art.

Each item can be either digital, traditional or both depending.
We can meet up and talk ideas / sketches. Rates Are Per Page And Type Of Work Required. I also do Commissions

Thanks For Looking
And Lets Bring Your Dreams To Life
price negotiable and freelance welcome
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Comic Art
Graphic Novel Art