Jim Craig

Freelance Journalistic Photographer & Comic Artist

Location:Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Website: http://www.jimcraigillustrations.vpweb.com
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I started in jounralism more than 30 years ago and made my first trip to the White House as a photojournalist during the Ford administration. I've taken photographs all over the country and I consider myself primarily a documentary photographer. I am open to all types of assignments.

I'm an old school artist. I use pen, pencil, paper and all those old time things that are too often forgotten about in this day of computers, computer aided animation and photoshop. My images are not dark, ******** implicit or explicit. You won't find fangs, blood or creepy things, other than the occasional dinosaur or fantasy character and somehow they usually end up smiling, What you will find are the kind of cartoons you can show the kids, and illustrations that capture the moment. I try to show the lighter side of life and poke a little fun at what life deals out.

I do meticulous, careful research for my illustrations to make sure they are period, style and location accurate. The process is perfect for children's books about people and history.

At my age I've seen enough of life and it's interesting characters to supply a library. I believe in hard work, meeting deadlines and doing the job the client needs done, not necessarily feeding my inner muse. As an illustrator, I like working with historical subjects, but I'll tackle anything I think I can handle. If I sound like the kind of illustrator you want, give me a shout and we'll see if we can do business.