Daniel Young

Freelance Photographer & Real Estate Photographer

Location:Monticello, Indiana, United States
Website: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/New-Face-Photography/309276342910
2 Skills
Hello, I have been into the art of photography for almost 16 years now. I started working through Olan Mills when I was young and that just sparked my talent. I worked through Olan Mills for several years, and just grew as a photographer. I gained many "Merit Prints" prints that exceed the company standard of photography, I believe last I counted it was 15 diffrent prints. One of my prints was used as a national ad that ran in 2004. I continued to love photography but felt I learned all I could from my peers, and advanced to a private studio, (Douglas Studio), at this studio I learned the art of development, posing(on an advanced level) and many more things. I have since through the years started shooting on my own. When shooting on my own I have self taught ALOT! I learned to read people better, spend time with them learn who they are a bit before shooting. My customers comment to me that you can feel emotion in just one glance of a portrait I have taken. I pride myself on that capturing the person and emotions rather than an image. During my journey through editing my own work, photographing, and providing a product, I found a new skill, I can write captions, an poems when I look at my work that are original never duplicated. Because honestly, I can do this type of work in just a few short minutes and would not remember if asking me to do it again what I came up with. As a self-employed photographer that puts a huge advantage in my court.
I will be finishing my schooling as a general studies student/focus on graphic design in Dec. of 2012. While enrolled I was allowed to enter poetry and a graphic design ad to a CITYBUS WORDS ON THE GO. I won both contest and my art was desplayed on city buses in Lafayette IN. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. My art can be found under NEW FACE PHOTOGRAPHY on facebook please take a look for my jouney is not over, just beginning.