Damon Rolls

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:San Diego, California, United States
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Damon A. Rolls
4444 Greene St apt 130
San Diego, CA 92107

-Bachelor's of Arts, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (3.1 GPA)
--Major: Imaging & Digital Arts, Animation Track (2010)
-Associates of Arts, Anne Arundel Community College (3.4 GPA) (2005)
-graduated focusing on Character creation & animation
-Digital Arts:
--3D: animation, modeling/sculpting, rigging, skinning, texturing, lighting
--2D: drawing/painting, image creation & editing, Flash/vector animation, video editing & compositing, photography
--Audio: sound design, voice recording & manipulation, foley, lipsynch
-Practical Arts:
--Animation: theory, hand-drawn, stop-motion, rotoscoping, light doodle, puppetry
--Fine Arts: portraiture, drawing & painting, sculpture, Chinese calligraphy
--Brain Studies: 2D & 3D form, human anatomy, history of animation & film, history & theory of the underground, Taoism, psychology of learning, acting, ethnomusicology (music as culture), art & film history, interactivity, game theory, Mayan civilization, Spanish

Creative Industry Experience
-Anatomy of a Video Game course, UMBC:
--Led by senior programmers from Maryland's games industry leaders, this class formed artists & programmers into teams that each made a game. I was proud to be a part of the following:
---gained valuable insight with professional speakers from AAA studios
---learned overall game creation, character development & game engine integration, sound effects, concept/storyline
---gained respect for the programmers' needs from game animators & artists
-BenXing Entertainment, intern, (www.benxing.com) Columbia, MD:
---helped refine character design & models for animation
---earned proper character preparation & use with Unity Game Engine
-IRC-UMBC Image Research Center, Fellows internship, (www.irc.umbc.edu) Baltimore, MD:
---created a digital human model for animation
---provided research for a project on colonial Washington DC

Program Knowledge
-Autodesk Maya, Adobe CS4 (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, Soundbooth, Premiere), Gamebryo, Corel Painter, Final Cut Pro, Unity Game Engine, Mudbox, Motion Builder, 3DStudio Max, Lightwave, Quicktime Pro, MakeHuman, Microsoft Office

Other Skills/Interests
-comics, travel, cooking, nature, home theater, virtual reality, Wacom drawing tablets/displays, 3DConnexion, computer building, audiophile headphones, holistic health, cars, firearms, science fiction, tools & fabrication, sailing, storytelling

Work Experience:
-Bacon & Associates: sail appraisal, customer service/sales (Annapolis, MD 2003-2004)
---helped run sales floor, answered phones, placed orders, customer help
---evaluated consigned sails' value, wrote detailed listings for online shopping
-Barnes & Noble: shipping & receiving, customer service (Annapolis, MD 2002-2003)
--Stock room
---received, inventoried, prepared, & organized incoming shipments for sales floor
---packaged, processed & shipped all overstock/outgoing shipments
--Customer service/sales
---answered phones, placed orders, helped find books, re-stocked sales shelves
-Quantum Sailmakers (Annapolis, MD & New Orleans, LA), UK/Scott Allen Sailmakers Annapolis (1998-2002)
---oversaw the assembly floor, specialized in all areas of sail construction & repair
---supervised & trained new members, gained focus on teamwork
---gained a strong understanding of materials, engineering & construction
---helped build racing sails for America's Cup & Volvo/Whitbread Ocean Races
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3D Animation