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So here's the deal; I write. I write just like I would talk to you. It's a shoot first, ask questions later style that I've honed after many years being the weirdest kid in the room. The brain to mouth filter thing is broken on this model of girlhuman and I can't say it's exactly "working" for me so much as "no one has punched me in the throat yet". Which is okay. And I'll take it.

I write about a lot of things. Professionally I write abut music. And musicians. And music venues. I love that. I have this deeply internalized delusion that I am something of a rock star. However I possess no musical talent outside of being able to recognize the good from the bad when I hear it. So I write about it instead.

Somewhat unprofessionally, or as some might call it "in my spare time", I write about what it's like living a head that is filled with Dr. Who trivia, a bizarre fascination with Ke$ha and a lot of firmly held beliefs about consumerism and inherent sexism in our media. The short story: it's weird in here. Real weird.

To wrap it up: I could do this for days. And yet you've learned nothing about me. The short and sweet of it is that I am relatively young, somewhat educated, enjoy things like cheap white wine, my finely tuned Netflix account and the visceral appeal of a live band in a dirty bar.
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