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Kenneth Brian Moore

Freelance Comic Artist & Fantasy Artist

Location:Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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My name is Kenneth Brian Moore.
I am a storyteller. My goal with my art is to tell a story that strikes an emotional cord and pulls the viewer into the story I have crafted by way of nostalgia, emotional immersion or both.
I achieve this goal by focusing on the impact of my subject matter, the quality of my draftsmanship, and the clarity of my composition

All projects are structured as the following: Consultation of the project to define deadlines, deliverables, and scope of project. Art is made collaboratively with the client in stages so each stage of the process builds upon the last and the client is not shotgunned things they have no say in.

This process is as follows:
-3 thumbnails designs to choose from two taken to the rough stage
-2 black & white rough concepts with one taken to the black & white comp stage
-1 black & white comprehensive with one minor revision,
-1 color comprehensive with one minor revision.
-1 final art work.

Communication is paramount for transparency and to make sure you, as the client, get what you need. All communications are through the messaging system.

Payments are through Paypal.
One half of total payment at start of project. Subsequent payments divided up by milestone of Black and White Comp and final art/ payments. Files and rights to art work is transferred to client after final payment.

Unless otherwise discussed, usage rights are transferred to the client after final payment is received and I retain display rights to show my art in my portfolios.
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