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Freelance 3D Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Ventnor City, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 6093506269
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John Varallo 1-609-839-0564
431 N Oxford Ave
Ventnor NJ, 08406 2D/3D Artist – Modeler/Animator - BIM Design

[Professional Summary]
I am a highly skilled, experienced and versatile 2D/3D professional, with over 14 years of experience using digital and traditional media. I am extremely self-motivated and innovative with an exceptional eye for detail. I am able to adapt quickly to problematic issues, resolve with definitive solutions to put any project back on track and on time. I work extremely well under pressure and I work well with others. I am always open to new ideas and suggestions.
I am able to meet all challenging and mission critical deadlines. (In my entire career I have always met or surpassed expectations on any project deadline with high quality). I live for the challenge. I am obsessed with creative challenges and highly detailed and complex work using all the latest 3D and 2D media solutions. I look forward to the chance and opportunity to work in a professional atmosphere, in ether a freelance position or in-house position in the 3D media, arts and design industry.
I continue to educate and challenge myself in the field of 3D arts and design media. This coupled with self-motivation and self-education keeps my skills and abilities cutting edge. I also feel that as important as it is to be good at what you do, it is equally important to keep your tools, skills and knowledge sharp and up to date. I feel this is why I can start and complete projects with exceptional speed and quality that enable me to meet any giving crucial deadline. I also possess strong free hand skills and above average computer repair skills along with good networking skills. I have a very high proficiency to learn any software program within or about two weeks.

[Professional Areas of Expertise]

Proficient in the following programs:

1) Autodesk, 3D Studio Max Design Suite.
2) Autodesk Mudbox.

3) LightWave 10.

4) Adobe Photoshop.

5) After effects.

6) Combustion 2008.

7) Composite 2011.

8) Eclipse. NEW
(Current study: Programming and writing code).

[Work Stations]
Information for Freelance work:

2, Dual Quad-Core Xeon 5600, 64 Bit OS, PCI Express Graphics Workstation. Dual monitors.
EVGA, GeForce GTS 250 738MHz, 1GB GDDR3 2200MHz,
Wacom 24 HD Multi-touch. NEW.
I offer Unlimited FTP Service, Dedicated Web Hosting for all Clients.
In House Render Farm:
3, Boxx Render Pros: Dual Quad core Xeon 5600. 64 Bit OS.
Included the above mention software.

[3D/2D Current Work History]
I have been employed with Civitello Project Management, (CPM) 4 1/2 Years to current as Lead 3D BIM
and Previsualization Modeler/Animator. For the express purpose of mediation and litigation in contract
Job Responsibilities: Storyboarding and planning of all animation to be presented. Reading and
assimilation of all provided building plans and schematics. Research and discovery of all visual history
pertaining to claim. Converting plans and information into exact 3D models of said project, Including
electrical, HVAC, plumbing, framing, steel work, concrete footings, foundations, helix piles caissons and
Painting, texturing, lighting and topography. Rendering, camera and compositing with
informational text and brand.

(If considered for hire, contact information and letters of recommendation will be provided.)

Numerous existing buildings and building concepts for developers and private contractors:

John Adams Courthouse:
Winnipeg International Airport:
Home Depot automated distribution center:
Bridgeport Power Utilities Authority:
Burton Family Football Complex:
Marathon Bridge NYC:
Middletown to Norwalk 345-KV Transmission line:

NOTE: All of my work over the past four years is proprietary and as such I have to obtain
permission to use. If I remove the points of interest and run a new rendering, review of this work
should be acceptable.

1984 – 1989 Completed five year Apprenticeship program in masonry: Founded Varallo Brickwork.
1993: Enrolled in two year business management at community college, A.C.C. Completed.
1994: Enrolled in one year Structural Design, A.C.C. Completed.
1995: Renderman 3: Adobe Photoshop 3.0
1998: Solidworks 3D CAD: Adobe Photoshop 5.0: One year CAD Design A.C.C. Completed.
1999: 3D Studio Max R3:
2001: 3ds max R4: Adobe Photoshop 6.0
2003: Adobe Photoshop CS
2004: 3ds max 6: LightWave 3D 6.0:
2005: Six week course in CNC Programming. Completed. Hired by small company, Concord CNC to
Produce 3D Models of limited movie replicas.
2006- 2007: Taught masonry class at A.C.C. Technical School. Adobe Photoshop CS3
2008: 3ds Max 2008: LightWave 3D 9.0: Employed at CPM, Civitello Project management.
2009: Combustion 2008:
2010: Adobe Photoshop CS5
2011: 3Ds Max 2011 Design Suite: Composite 2011: Mudbox 2011: LightWave 10
2012-2013: Currently with CPM.

NOTE: As part of my education you see yearly updates to what important 3D platforms and software I have used or using. This is just as important as to what formal teaching I might have had. Because of the continuing advances in software and hardware a person would have to spend their entire career in school to keep current. Therefore, self-education is paramount in deciding whether a person may or may not be qualified.

[Personal Summary]
In 1989 I completed a five year apprenticeship in stone cutting and masonry construction, I immediately went into business on my own. I operated a successful union shop (Varallo Brickwork) for twenty three years. In 1993 I enrolled in a two year business management course at a community college but develop stronger hands-on field skills in project management. In 1994 I took a one year class in structural design so I could take on commercial building. In 1995 I built Gold’s Gym and BJ’S Wholesale, my first two large commercial building. I went on to build many more commercial buildings, including: Campbell’s Soup, Deltona Tires, Jo-Jo’s Pizzeria franchises and upgrades and additions to Rahway State prison. I also became highly skilled at reading building plans, HVAC, electrical and engineering schematics. By 1999 I was drawing and engineering my own contracts. This gave me great advantage to convert, blueprints and schematics into visually realistic and visually stunning 3D renderings of any giving project. By 2000 I had incorporated 3D Models into my masonry business, allowing my clients to visualize and see their homes and business projects before final commitment. 3D modeling and renderings became a staple of all my contracts. From 2005 to 2007 I produced highly detailed meshes of movie models for CNC production. These models were then milled into plastic mold forms for hobbyist. In 2008 I took on employment at CPM as lead 3D Designer until present. I closed out my masonry business in 2009 as a master mason, and now have a large legacy of commercial and residential work that I can always see and be proud of. I carry that pride in every project I take on, giving 100 percent all the time.
I look forward to an opportunity and the possibility of being considered for employment by this firm. Personally, I love the 3D art form and the creative field of work. It’s safe to say it’s an obsession of mine, everything from Sci-Fi to realistic cityscapes, the more complex and detailed, the more I love it. And I would appreciate any chance to continue to work within this fantastic field. If considered, I am positive that I can be a vital asset to the continued growth and successes of your company. I am extremely self-motivated (You have to be driven too be successful in your own company) and I have a strong understanding and professional ability to work in a fast pace environment. I also possess strong communication skills and the ability to work well with others doing the same. As a hands on business owner I know what is expected by the client. As a long time business owner I know what is expected from the employee. Therefore, I am aware of what you expect from me.

Phone: (609)839-0564 You may call me at any time:
E-Mail address:

Thank you for your time and consideration.

John Varallo
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