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Daniel Loane

Freelance 3D Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Phone: 859-319-8771
2 Skills
• Full Sail University Winter Park
Bachelors of Science: Game Art Jun2010-May2012

| Maya | Z-Brush | Photoshop | UDK | Marmoset | Crazy Bump |

• Two years experience in industry-standard 3D programs such as Maya and Z-Brush
• Modeling both high and low polygon vehicle and environment models
• Knowledgeable in Unreal and Marmoset Toolbag
• Preparing model UV’s for texturing
• Texture creation, both hand painted and photo real, in Adobe Photoshop
• Familiar with Transfer maps and programs such as Crazy Bump and X-Normals
• Experience working in a professional office environment with long hours, deadlines, and presentations

National Flight Academy Nov2011-Mar2012
Artist Intern

• Worked with a team of more than twenty people as an artist in conjunction with TEQGames to develop flight simulation missions for use with the NFA’s Aviation in Residence (AIR) and Aviation Classroom Experience (ACE) projects
• Worked in tandem with producers and art leads to develop design goals for assets
• Researched, referenced, modeled, and textured low, medium, and high polygon assets from the ground up within specified time frames
• Prepared assets to be integrated into Microsoft Flight Simulator
• Performed monthly asset updates and presentations to TEQGames and the NFA
• Promoted to senior artist with the NFA, where I supervised and critiqued artist quality levels and led creative discussions
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3D Animation
Digital Art