Laura Kreitzer

Freelance Book Designer & Creative Writer

Location:Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States
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I am the Writing Collective Program Manager at Fictionista Workshop, an online community of talented and gifted authors.

I'm a multi-published best selling author of the Timeless Series and the Summer Chronicles.

I do freelance editing, though I mainly edit manuscripts from Obsidian Mountain Publishing and Revolution Publishing Inc.

I do critical reviews for books that publishers send me.

I founded Revolution Publishing Inc., a corporation who seeks the best and brightest online fiction writers.

My education was at Western Kentucky University where I studied geography, geology, geographical information systems, and English.

I worked full time as a Senior Scientist at the Crawford Hydrology Laboratory in the Hoffman Environmental Research Institute from 2003-2010. In 2008 I traveled to Southwest University China to establish one of the first dye trace laboratories in China under the China Environmental Health Project. I resigned to focus on my writing and the publishing industry.

I am proficient and OWN these programs on a Mac:


I use Word every day and understand the ins and outs of the program, including track changes.
I worked on Excel spreadsheets in a lab for seven years.


InDesign CS5: for reports and designing the interior of books
Photoshop CS5: for designing of book covers and other multimedia
Acrobat X Pro: Editing PDFs
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Book Design
Creative Writing