Alan S Johnson Jr

Freelance Video Editor & Animator

Location:Sacramento, California, United States
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My name is Alan. I am a freelance creative professional. I am here offering my services, by providing expertise applied with a broad, advanced skill set to help projects get done with speed, style and high quality production value while maintaining your budget at a fully equipped private post production studio.

Please have a look at my online demo reel @

Video Editing, Motion Graphics & 3D animation

Original Music & Remixes

some other recent work

Video Editing Examples
recent video editing work for CRM studios client Game Stop, and USPIS

Produced, edited, VFX, Composed Music, Sound designed, created and animated 3D elements

3D Example
created from scratch with no example presented when hired. modeled, animated and composited by me

2D Animation Example
used psd and ai files in AE to animate this project

Motion GRFX example
did all the video editing and animation in FCP & AE on this project
started with no concept and created the whole look and feel for the show

AE Animation, Music Remix, Video Editing
processed art for animation,animated art, edited art, remixed music track from midi, finished in FCP

Motion GRFX made from paintings
took a friends scanned art work, processed it in layers in photoshop made modifications to the art then animated in AE

Uncategorized Very recent work

Flash Example

If you have any questions regarding the work you see there feel free to call or email me. My contact info is below with my resume.

If you have footage that needs to be edited and finished with audio, motion grfx that need to be built, 3d modeling animation or simulation, as well as Flash design, I can help you hit the easy button on projects of this caliber and see your vision through with speed, experience, style and budget efficacy. I can work with many types of rates. Please contact me if you are interested in my services.

I have been editing, compositing, and designing for 8 years in professional broadcasting and corporate video. I have a wide range of skill in digital art and lots of experience in many formats. Here is a list of all software I own and use professionally:

Final Cut Pro Studio
Avid/Express/Adrenaline/Media Composer
Adobe After Effects CS5
Motion 3
Photoshop CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Flash CS5
Dreamweaver CS5
Maya 2011
Logic Pro


In my current career, over 9 years in profession, I have worked with very many types of projects and clients ranging from broadcast to corporate. I have cut short, long, fast, slow, up, down, left, and right.

Over the years I have developed very solid story telling skills, complimented with a great instinct that is natural. When it comes to music, I have been composing music and playing multiple instruments since 14. I am now 33. I have developed strong skills in composing, mixing and recording of digital and analog sound, which allows me to pick music, re-work or alter, mix, edit, sweeten and sound design easily. Perhaps the oldest of my skills is Art and design. Which I have been doing as far back as I can remember, drawing, painting, design, animation, web design, 3D, Motion GRFX, GRFX.

I believe that I am the future of post production, the full package work horse that can help your clients drive their projects from concept to reality and then go the extra mile to put it on the web. I always bring 150% to every job I am on, I love what I do and I make sure it shows in the work.

Here is a list of clients I have worked with and for in the last 6 years:

Turner Broadcasting
Cartoon Network
Super Deluxe
The Weather Channel
Fox Sports Network
Morrison Healthcare
Artisan Picture Works
Harold Inc
Shaw Science Partners
Fine Line Productions
R&R Productions
Outpost Pictures
Red Fish
Soap Box
Digital Juice
Game Stop
Liquid Logix

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response,


--------------- formal resume -----------------

Alan S. Johnson, Jr.

| FCP/AVID editor | Compositor | Motion Graphic Designer | Flash Designer |
| Sonic Architect | 3D Modeler/Animator |

To contribute creativity and consistently outstanding work.

• Experience with most major digital non-linear video editing systems
• Extensive knowledge of Video/Audio/Graphic Editing concepts and
• Working knowledge of Video/Audio/Graphic Production concepts and
• Proficient in narrative composition and editing multiple project types
• Currently editing video using FCP powered by 8core MAC PRO
• Comfortable with older editing systems and analog facilities
• Energetic professional who isn’t afraid of long hours in service of a better product
• Can provide innovative and effective solutions in a fast-paced
production environment
• Well-organized and able to meet tight deadlines with consistently high quality

Comprehensive Skills
• Final Cut Pro editing software and similar products
• AVID digital non-linear editing systems and software
• Compositing / Motion Graphics Design with AE, Motion 3
• 3D Modeling/Animation in Maya 2011
• Image and sweetening software and similar products
• Web/Flash Design for online interactive presentations
• Audio production for audio/radio/live performance
• Audio production for video/broadcast
• Interactive disc production; mastering, authoring and encoding
• Both PC & Mac operating systems/environments
• Final Cut Pro Studio, Avid/Express/Adrenaline/Media Composer, Adobe After Effects
CS5, Motion 3, Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Flash CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, Maya 2010,
Logic Pro

Jan 2005-Present: Freelance Video Editor and Post Production Artist.
• Served as Creative Video Editor for multiple proje cts in the Atlanta, GA area
• Edited for High End Post Houses and Clients such as Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network,
The Weather Channel, MTV, CNN, TVPG, Morrison Healthcare, Synergy, Artisan Picture Works,
Harold Inc, Elevation, Shaw Science Partners, Fine Line Productions, R&R Productions, Outpost
Pictures, Fox Sports Network, Red Fish, Soap Box
• Worked with highly experienced Directors & Producers

Jan 2004–2005: AVID Editor, Redfish Creative Group, Grayton Beach, FL
• Served as lead AVID editor for video production company
• Helped to deliver numerous luxury real estate and hospitality industry projects
• Balanced multiple projects and project types in a very deadline-driven environment
• Worked with team of copywriters, designers, producers, etc.
• Received incentives and compensations for creative excellence and dedication
• Also created short educational pieces, crafted logos and bumpers, new FX
• Contributed to marketing design conceptualization and product
development efforts

2003-Feb 2003: Graphic Designer, Southeastern Engineering, Crestview, FL
• Ad Concept, Design and Proofing for state
recreation center guides

1997–Present: Musician, performing as AJFLEX, and now Sonickinesis, Electronic Music Composer and Turn-table Artist
• Composer of original music in the hip-hop, drum & bass, and electronic traditions
• Performer as a turn-table artist and DJ for dance events and live performances
• Skilled musician and performer of various instruments
• Composer of a large library of original recorded music and soundtracks


Harold Sellers, Owner/Editor/Camera Op, Harold Inc Atl GA
228 Mellrich Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30301 (404) 386.0003

Dave Drabik, Owner/Writer/Producer, Fine Line Productions Atl GA
3304 George Town Place, Marrietta, GA 30066 (404) 702.0981

Guy Davidson, Producer/Director, Creative Video, IXL, Redfish Creative Group
2325 Bay Lake Ct., Arlington ,TX 76016 (682) 552.5451

Alan S Johnson Jr

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