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David Boyer

Freelance Screenwriter & Script Writer

Location:Vincennes, Indiana, United States
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Education: Creative writing, journalism

David Boyer is the author of fifteen non-fiction books, editor of numerous fiction collections, and has now signed on to co-produce three short horror films. His screenplay, JOAN CRAWFORD HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE, has been picked up by Very Scary Productions for a 2012 release, and he is the author of THE INDIE FILMMAKER'S HANDBOOK, a guide to producing low budget horror films. He has also interviewed over 300 celebrities within the horror, scifi and fantasy genres, including filmmakers, actors, and TV writers.
He lives in Vincennes, Indiana, with his cat, Toby, who helps him ''edit'' his manuscripts by jumping on the keyboard when he's not looking.

The Queens of Scream
Film Prodigies and Legends
Hot and Horrifying
Horror Prodigies and Legends
The Indie Filmmakers Handbook
Cinemassacres: A Tribute to Forrest J Ackerman
True Confessions: True Crime Writers Tell Their Stories
Bang your Head: Tracking Down the 1980s Metal Bands

Christian non-fiction:
Out of the Darkness and Into the Light {featuring Anne Rice}
Indiana’s Got Talent!
Faith in Fiction, Film, and Music
Walking A Thin Line: Edgy Christian Fiction As A New Subgenre

Films {screenplays & scripts}

Joan Crawford Has Risen from the Grave / writer / in post-production
Dancing with the King / pre-production
Blood Lite / pre-production
The Mind of Luther Biggs / writer
American Monsters / writer
Inside-Out / writer
Redemption / writer
Broken People / writer
Shadow Dolls / writer
The Gypsy Runner / writer
Sunsets and Stone / web series / writer
The River Goddess / writer
The Corliss Tapes / web series / writer

Teleplays {fan-fictional media tie-ins}

Rizzoli & Isles: Hoyt’s Legacy
The Closer: Cat Nap
Person of Interest: Taming the Beast
NCIS: Buried Secrets
The Mentalist: Patrick’s Escape

Feature film:
Shadow Dolls / writer
The Gypsy Runner / writer
Sunsets and Stone / writer
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Script Writing