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Freelance Animal Illustrator & Book Illustrator

Location:Louisville, Kentucky, United States
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I have a passion for all things creative!
I am blessed to have 8 credits for children's books coming out, as well as covers and interior illustrations!! I think being a writer as well as an artist helps me be well rounded and easy to convey ideas too- as well as understand publishing and its needs. I have done two sets of 30 Fantasy CCG's due to Xmas 2012. I have been in 7 Galleries, the last being The Morrison Gallery in Elizabethtown KY(2011). Phoenician Art, The Salt Box Art Gallery, Jewelry Chest, are a few a few plus online galleries.
After being an Art Director and Editor, I relaunched my art career as I'm obtaining my degrees. I love traditional art and sculpture but have had commissions in graphic art, caricature(fun), Manga, logos, maps, and my other great passions- CCG, comic ,and children's and young adult art.
My passion is hyperrealistic art in oil and watercolor.
The variety of style helps me discover things about myself in creating for you. One never gets bored! I am currently a gaming Journalist at as well as having worked for 2 gaming companies in addition to my art.

I think the urgency to create fast with quality is after being a staff writer and Editor for an award winning newspaper. I am used to meeting deadlines with mass media in mind.
Expect quick and well documented writing, infographics and illustrations.

Thank you for considering me!